What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Brütal Legend or Uncharted 2? Uncharted 2 or Brütal Legend?

Yeah OK, I'll be playing both. You?



    The only thing missing is a bit of Meshuggah when plowin in The Deuce \m/

    Brutal Legend for me.

    Unchartedd Legend for me!

    Uncharted 2. Good god this game is great.

    brutal legand is good but very short. thinking of picking up uncharted 2. i should stop thinking it hurts and i shall just buy.

    Uncharted 1 for me :(. I kept putting off playing it because the cover art looked crap and then the trailers for Uncharted 2 came out and I thought "Hey, that looks amazing, i really gotta play the first one."

    But I still kept putting it off until this week So now I am desperately working through Uncharted 1 so I can pick up Uncharted 2 next week!

    Brutal Legends looks amazing and I loved the demo, but I dont think will bother picking it up till it is a bit cheaper. Uncharted 2 should keep me going until Borderlands.

    As for this weekend, it is all Uncharted 2 and a bit of Firefight (still got two levels to hit par on!)

    I am really happy to see more and more people picking up Brutal Legend. Uncharted was always going to do awesome but I really want Brutal to do well as well.

    Uncharted 2 is unbeliveable. The graphics, gameplay everything is so intense

    I am playing that ;)

    Brutal Legend is epic. I have almost finished the game and the best part so far?

    DragonForce: Through the fire and flames belting out of the Deuce while an epic battle is going on.

    Schafer is LEGENDARY.

    oh and after UC2 i think we can put Naughty Dog in the realm of Kojima, CliffyB, Polyphony Digital and other game studios who release titles that change the expectations of gamers forever.

    Having played UC2 I am now not looking forward to other games of 2009 because i just don't think they will compare. MW2 has a challenge on its hands for GOTY 2009 and whoda thunk that.

    Both. Then Machinarium. What a great time to be a gamer.

    I started playing Brutal Legend on Tuesday, haven't finished it yet. But I just finished Uncharted 2 on my second sitting. Bloody epic games, the pair of them!

    Uncharted 2! Will play through a bit more of the story and then get online to try out the Co-Op. As everyone has said, this game is epic!!

    I'm playing Demon's Souls. Waiting for Borderlands to come out before picking up Uncharted and Brutal Legend so I don't need to make two trips.

    I'll be playing neither T_T

    Uncharted hasn't arrived yet (should get here Monday) so that's out of the question and I can't afford Brutal Legend this week since I've run out of money.

    However I will be starting Demon's Souls and finally finishing Uncharted 1.


    Brutal Legend for me (just finished on normal mode actually, gonna try the multiplayer now)

    Aaand my copy of Fifa 10 arrived in the mail too, so that needs some serious attention.

    Neither. Valkyria Chronicles is a long game -_-

    Dwarf Fortress!


    Fable 2 GOTY. The demo got me wanting Brutal Legend, but the whole mini-RTS thing has put me off from wanting it straight away. I'll wait for a lull in gaming later on...

    Operation Uncharted for me!

    I will be playing as many Tower Defence games as I can find starting off GDSwarm and Defender Chronicles on the iPhone. If being addicted to TD games is wrong then I don't want to be right.

    Another Uncharted over here even when I should be doing my mutiple assignments.

    League of Legends, baby--it's the way of the future!

    Never quite got the pull of Uncharted, but then I only played it for a few minutes. I've been playing Brutal Legend. Great game world and atmosphere and a really great story. They almost make up for how short it is... almost.

    uncharted 1 for me. i knocked off the remainder of uncharted 2 yesterday but never even tried the first game so i think its only right that i buy it today and knock it off over the w/end.
    as Simon Hutchinson said: ND is now up there with Kojima for sure. as for cliff... i dont really like the gears series. i found them both very mundane, repetitive and just plain boring. the second was definitely better but i put it down after about 6hrs of play. uncharted 2 on the other hand is an EPIC game. i had no intention at first of buying it but ended up pre-ordering it on a whim a few days before launch. so glad i did. the story alone is enough to keep you playing. i could have quite easily finished it in 1 hit but sleepiness got the better of me thurs night. the only thing i dont like about it is the multiplayer component. i havent been able to get a decent connection in the game and always end up having the worst signal and have to empty an entire clip into an enemy to down them. then i get downed with 3 bullets? if the SP wasnt so good i'd return the game but i really think ND deserve to keep my money and keep 1 less pre-owned copy off the market.
    if you have a ps3 and dont have this game, you deserve to be banned! :-P

    Brutal Legend currently, but I think I'm around half way through and finding the RTS element super cumbersome. It's eroding my will to resist the seductive gaze my Uncharted 2 box.

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