What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Have you finished Uncharted 2 yet? Still racing through your Forza 3 career? Or maybe there's just some more toilets to loot in Borderlands?

First up for me today is Dragon Age and I'll be creating my character via Twitter this afternoon. Once created I'll pick one of the names you suggested yesterday.

Also on the playlist are Machinarium, the gorgeous adventure game from the creators of Samorost; perhaps a little bit of Mario & Luigi; and some more Borderlands too.

How about you?


    Well I've finished Uncharted 2 and Brütal Legend. So I'll be hammering through Boderlands and also my L4D2 demo. Thankfully there's a way to uncensor it up on the valve forums :D

    TF2, which i got for 3 dollars on steam like an hour ago.

    I'm working this weekend. Aren't I lucky?

    My PC has been getting some love for the first time in yonks!

    Overclocked my E6600 to 3.0Ghz for some extra oomph, been playing Team Fortress 2 (I've owned this for ages but never played it... I know...), Stalker (with Stalker Complete 2009 mod, MUCH BETTER!), Supreme Commander (when I'm in the mood for a long battle) and finally Call of Duty 4. Which I've not played until now. Got it for $24 USD from Steam too, nice little bargain :)

    I'll be playing Borderlands at least some of the weekend, i'm a bit unimpressed with it so far though.
    Maybe is the bleak setting and the utter shit gun i've had for the 2hours of so that i've played so far.

    Borderlands, maybe a little uncharted 2 multi

    I would be playing borderlands or some other game that's sitting in my cabinet if it weren't for the exams I'm studying for

    Cod4 and WoW

    Battlefield Heroes and snagging the last few achievements in Assassins Creed for a friend (400 flags here i come)

    Fallout 3, I had it on PS3 when it first came out... so I re bought the GOTY on 360 and am loving it twice as much. Maybe some Flashpoint 2 on hardcore as well, that's if I can find someone to co-op with me who was also stupid enough to keep the game.

    Gonna grind my way through the fantastic Torchlight, which for 20 bucks comes with excellent developer's support. You've found a bug? Jump to their website and report! They're already patching up tons of bugs :)

    Aside from that gonna try some Borderlands and the regular WoW run :D

      Seconding playing more Torchlight, it's totally ruined Borderlands for me at this stage. I think I'm looted out. Best ARPG I've played since Diablo II.

    GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony


    A bit of Uncharted 2 and some Fallout 3. Might even bust out some Demon's Souls tomorrow afternoon as well

    GTA IV Lost and Damned for me. Only recently got an xbox so the ability to get both episodes on the same disc was great for me.

    Uncharted 2 online!
    Tropico 3 Demo.

    Borderlands, borderlands and then some more borderlands...

    DJ hero .....

    Finally finished GTA: TLATD. Going to try and finish Yakuza and Half Life 2 Episode 2 because next week is hopefully all about Borderlands and Dragon Age. Then eventually want to get Ballad of Gay Tony.

    Wishing i was finishing borderlands but uni exams have gotten in the way and will for the next 2 weeks.

    Finished Batman: Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2. Now moving on to Borderlands and Torchlight, I have clocked about 6 hours on both games. So far, both are great. I still have an unopened copy of Brutal Legends bought a couple of weeks ago.

    Pokemon on Shoddybattle =)

    BORDERLANDS. Please make a borderlands 2 2k!!!!!!!!

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