What Happens When A PS3 Is Catapulted Into A Bravia?


    thats kinda cool... thought it would be some kind of computer gfx render or something, not actually throwing a real PS3 into a real bravia! hehe! Destruction in slow motion is always good =)

      Its not.. aparently it was done at some crash test facility at or near a Ford factory in Victoria..

      Why would you fake it? To pay the artists and to render it would cost more than the cost of the use of the facility for the day and the cost of a few TVs and PS3s..

    COME ON, NO COMMENTS?! this is awesome

    Nice installation guide...

    Sweet but i wouldn't do that to my Bravia ANYDAY!

    For those who are unknown, the point of this, for Australians is. When you buy a Bravia and make a claim you can receive a free 120GB PS3 Slim.

    25,000 claims to be given and theres still like 24,800 left until November.

    There adds for the ps3 are getting better that's for sure.

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