What Would The DS Look Like With A 4-inch Screen?

The current DSi screen is 3.25 inches. Rumour has it that Nintendo will be releasing a new DS with a 4 inch screen. What would that look like? Time to bust out the ruler and additional screen.

This perhaps. Below, a fan drawing show how much bigger two four inch screens would make the DSi.

It's like a small laptop!

Let's compare it to the DS Lite.

It's much bigger!

任天堂、4インチ大画面の新型ニンテンドーDSiを年内に発売か [はちま起稿] ニンテンドーDSが4インチになるとこうなる<図解> | インサイド


    Only in a Bizarro world will there be a PSP half the size of a DS.
    Strange times lie ahead, Harry.

    *sigh* i'm getting really sick of Nintendo's countless redesigns of the DS. DS Lite was ok, DSi was, well, not that great. Now this? DSwide? Jesus christ just make a new handheld already, i'm sick of playing with graphics from the n64 when the PSP can preform at a PS2 level.

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