Which DJ Hero Commercial Convinces You To Buy The Game?

I'd argue game trailers for the Internet and TV commercials are two different beasts.

In game trailers, we expect to see actual gameplay, shiny cinematics and a clear statement of both the release date and the platforms. But in TV commercials, there's also the expectation of amusement and brevity because we want to get back to our TV show.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at these two DJ Hero ads and see which one is the better commercial. I confess that I'm biased because the "Sparkly Balls" one has been following me around on Adult Swim relentlessly, while the Daft Punk I'm only just seeing for the first time today.


    That second ad is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

    The second ad actually made me laugh.

    Daft Punk all the way

    Both ads make me not want to get the game.. esp the 2nd one.. that's terrible!

    daft punk one for sure

    Renegade Edition has just been pushed back a week here- so you can buy standard edition or wait for the fancy one. I want, but Christ I cant be the only person who simply cannot afford to get every game I want. And its still only mid October!

    Daft Punk, no question. This game will be the first we've heard from these guys since their live album.

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