Which Free NES Game Should I Get?

Those of you that shelled out for the Wii's Internet Channel before Nintendo made it free can now download one NES game on Virtual Console — as long as it's worth 500 points.

All you have to do is dust off your Wii and update the Shop channel. A little button saying "One Free Title" should appear after you've done so and then you'll get the goods. Hurry up though, the offer expires on 11.59pm PST (6pm AEST) on December 31, 2009.

So now, after updating my Wii for what feels like the first time ever, the only question is which NES game should I get? I was thinking to get a game I haven't played before like Kirby's Adventure or the original Final Fantasy. But half the fun of Virtual Console is nostalgia, right? So maybe I want Galaga or Donkey Kong...

Thanks for the tip, Nightwheeldot!


    '...dust off your Wii'

    Don't you think that's a rather large generalisation? I play my Wii quite often, as well as my 360/PS3/PC, thank you very much.

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