Who Won Those King Of Fighters XII Xbox 360 Prizes?

Who Won Those King Of Fighters XII Xbox 360 Prizes?

Last week we ran a comp for you to win SNK’s King Of Fighters XII collectors edition. Let’s find out who the four Xbox 360 winners were.

We asked you to prove you are the true “king of fighters” by sending in a mock screenshot of the game. The catch is that you had to feature in said screenshot.

Dozens of stupendous, ridiculous and just plain weird entries later, and we’ve narrowed it down to these four winners. These guys each take home that Xbox 360 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII pictured up there.

Oh, and stay tuned for the PS3 winners coming soon…

Here’s Steven B, who apparently already had taken this photo years ago.

kof steven b 360

Here’s Troy C and his quite deafening finishing move.

kof troy c 360

Here’s William L’s rather handy entry.

kof william l 360

And finally, Tom L cleans up with this one.

kof tom l 360

Well done guys. I’ll be in touch shortly to organise delivery of your prizes.


  • hahaha no effin way!!!

    that is soooo cool! i only managed to get one entry in that i only had about 20 mins to spare on with all the work i’ve been stuck down with lately, so this is pretty massive to me..

    thanks so much kotaku!

    …i’m on a bit of a roll at the moment…

    Well done to all the other winners too! can’t wait to see the PS3 winners

  • Oh man, I made it. I was worried that the terrible editing job would screw me over, but I guess the idea was good enough to make it. Thanks, guys.

    • no…

      I actually googled ‘black man’ in google images and then tried to find one with a suitable ear.. funnily enough, thats what took up most of my time.. According to goole, there are only about 5 different black guys in existance..

      …although if i turned off safe search, i’m sure i would have gotten alot more hits…

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