As seen on Jared Rea's Twitter feed.... and some guys arm... for the rest of his life.



    What a bad decision. He should have got Haduken!

    This really makes you wonder. This guy thinks street fighter is important enough to him to get it permenantly ingrained on his flesh, yet, doesn't know it intimately enough to correct the tattoo artist when they stencil the combo on in the wrong order.

    thats a poor effort
    surely practising would make it easy to remember without looking like a dickwad for rest of your life

    Even the motion is WRONG! BIG EPIC FAIL for that guy!
    It should've been:


      Eh.. thats the WHOLE point of this WHOOPS - is that the motion is incorrect... *sigh* some people..


    Too funny lol

    As someone who draws video game tattoo ideas instead of taking notes in lectures and furthermore plans on getting them done after his exams are done in a couple of weeks, this story fills me with the worst, most paralysing horror in existence.

    They call me Hadoken 'cause I'm down right fierce.

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