Why Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Co-Op Was Scrubbed

Modern Warfare 2 was due to have a full co-operative mode in its main campaign, but the Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling told VG247 that it "ruined the experience" of the game.

"We did it early on; that's what Spec Ops started out as, as co-op through story," Bowling told VG247. "But it really broke the cinematic experience, took the immersion out of it, out of the story and the pacing and everything we'd spent so long crafting. It just ruined the experience we were aiming for, so we took it out, kept the single-player for that one player intact and polished it.

"But then there were moments that were really fun with two players, so we took those moments and put them in Spec Ops," he added.

The resulting Spec Ops, in Modern Warfare 2, is a mission-based co-op section playable online or locally in split screen, separate from the main campaign. "So you can play moments directly taken from the single-player, in Spec Ops, but it's polished towards those two players so the experience is pure. You really get the best of both worlds: you get the moments that were fun, but the moments that were sh—-y we took out."

IW Dropped Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Co-Op as it "Ruined the Experience" [VG247 via Blue's News]


    In other words:

    We knew you'd still buy the game regardless, so in the end we couldn't be bothered to put in the effort to get Coop working.

      Did you not read what he said?
      Read more, post less.

        He's reading between the lines. And I am sure there is a way to maintain a 'cinematic' feel to a game that has co-op. That said, I am glad they went ahead and kept it in its own mode instead of just dropping it completely.

        He's being a dick who doesn't know what he's talking about, from the sounds of it, neither do you.

        now you are being a dick

        Dicks everywhere!

    He's pretty much right. I mean; World at World had Co-Op and was great. The competitive co-op wasn't about the story but scoring points, I don't know why they could just call that co-op in MW2; as you just want to shot some dudes with your friends, not worry about the fate of a fictional world.

    I agree that Co-Op takes the cinematic feel out of a game. Your teammate rushes ahead and triggers an event, but you're back having a look around. It might be a scripted event of a building falling over, or it might be a cutscene. If you aren't right up there where it happens, it takes the cinematic feeling and imersion away from the whole experience.

    They also put co-op stuff in there, seperate from the main campaign because it was still fun, just not the same emersion that the campaign has - a different emersion to your teammate.

    im pretty sure that they have been saying this for a while

    Another reason why Robert Bowling is one of my industry heroes... thank you Infinity Ward for siding with quality and the integrity of an art form over dot points on the back of a box.


    I'm pleased that they incorporated co-op into Modern Warfare 2 to some extent, at least.

    From a personal standpoint, I don't care if adding coop takes out the immersion/makes a game easier/ruins the "experience", if I wanted all those things, I'd play the single player. I play coop just to have a fun time with friends (or random people). Again though, just a personal opinion.

    I think back to System Shock 2. Sure the game experience was cut down somewhat but it was still fun running around and gunning down stuff with other people.

    Sounds like a total load to me. You can make a game cinematic with multiple players, I find many tactical shooters much more immersive in co-op as you can actually talk to your teammate and use strategies rather than just running and gunning and hoping the AI is helping out in some way. Which often it isn't (COD WaW).

    I also agree with Dunnowhathuh, even if it did take away from the 'cinematic' experience I don't mind so long as I can play some interesting campaign levels with a friend. I can always play it by myself beforehand.

      Dude, did you pay attention to what he was saying? The co-op experience they initally planned would ruin what they were trying so hard to do in single player.

      Personally, I'm glad they didn't ruin the cinematic experience, since that's what made the original Modern Warfare so great and what makes it stick out from all the FPS shooters out there. It never sacrificed gameplay for story or story for gameplay, something only a few other games can claim. I mean come on, Yahtzee loved that game and he's like the most jaded critic out there.

      I applaud their decision to not try and shoehorn Co-op where it doesn't belong just to please the unpleasables. Because most of the people shouting for a co-op story would bitch at them if that story wasn't as good an experience as the single player.

    They could have just made co-op mode unlockable by completing single player mode, ensuring that you got to enjoy the cinematic experience as intended before "ruining" it with a feature so many of us want.
    I really hate being told what I will like and dislike (thats my call to make), especially as so often its merely being used to justify a business decision. Its a sickening trend in marketing, blame the consumer for your failings and mistakes. "Its for your own good, you'll thank us".

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