Wii Cricket Game Almost Brings Glenn McGrath Out Of Retirement

glenn mcgrath wii cricketAshes Cricket 2009 came out on in August. But the Wii version didn't. It's now set for release next week and former Test cricketer Glenn McGrath has been signed up to promote it.

The Wii version adds a host of motion control techniques to the game, with the Wiimote used to bat, bowl and even shine the ball.

“It’s always refreshing to see new and unique ways of bringing the game of cricket into lounge rooms across the country and being accessible to families," says McGrath. "Being involved in the game at the highest level is a truly amazing experience and being able to assist in letting fans of the game simulate this is fantastic.

“After playing this game I almost feel like pulling the bowling boots out again and having another crack at the Poms."

When we reported the Wii version delay back in August, we predicted an endorsement would follow. We went for a revival of Shane Warne Cricket. We were close.


    Shame then that it is dreadful, lazy port - apparently.

    (reference: metacritic.com)

    I still wanna have a go though.

    Cover drive through the plasma. Got Him, Yes!

      I read that in the voice of The Twelth Man's "Chapellee".

        noway that was supposed to be bill lawry

          Get the basterd barred from this part of the broadcast area!

    He still won't be able to bat though.

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