Wii, PS3 Sales In Dead Heat In Japan

This week's report from Japanese sales tracker Media Create shows that recent price drops on Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3 are having nearly equal impact on sales of each console, a slight edge going to the PS3.

A curious tie, we suppose, as Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus continue to sell better than the PlayStation 3 competition. But less curious is the continued dominance of the Nintendo DSi and PSP, both doing just fine on the software and hardware front.

For the bestselling console hardware in Japan for the week of October 5 to 11, look down.

Nintendo DSi - 50,144 PSP - 40,100 PlayStation 3 - 30,896 Wii - 30,741 Nintendo DS Lite - 5454 Xbox 360 - 3326 PlayStation 2 - 2133


    What about the sales of the PSP Go? Or are they just included under PSP sales?

      Believe it or not Cameron, you are witnessing sales of the PSP-3000, or the normal PSP.

      The PSPgo hasn't even gone on sale yet in Japan. It's release is November 1st. But a lot of these PSP sales are contributed to a minor drop in price - but the PSP seems to do very well anyway in Japan.

      I can only imagine the sales once the GO comes in. Perhaps a week it beats the DS!

        I don't know... if sales of the PSPGo in Japan are anything like the rest of the world then they could have released it this week and that chart would look exactly the same :P

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