Wii, PSP Price Drops Invigorate Console Sales In Japan

Nintendo and Sony both issued hardware price drops in Japan, effective October 1, on the Wii and PSP-3000, respectively. The clear winner? The PSP.

The PSP's new 16,800 yen price almost helped dethrone the nearly unstoppable Nintendo DSi, falling short by about 2,000 units. It was the same story for the cheaper Wii, which came close to outselling the newer, cheaper, slimmer PlayStation 3. Somewhat surprising that Nintendo didn't pull ahead of Sony's now-gen console, especially in light of those impressive Wii Fit Plus sales.

  • Nintendo DSi - 53,293
  • PSP - 51,215
  • PlayStation 3 - 37,538
  • Wii - 35,392
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 10,661
  • Xbox 360 - 4244
  • PS2 - 2179


    I dont see a new version of Wii Fit becoming a console seller. I mean its pretty much everyone who owns Wii Fit and their Wii buying it. So it makes sense.

    It's completely baffling to me how the DS is still selling.
    With whatever ludicrous number of units sold already, one would think the market would have been saturated months ago.

      DS lite owners are upgrading to the DSi. DSi is far from saturation because its actually performing worse when compared to the lite sales.

        People have been having a shitfit at the PSP Go, which Sony does deserve for its flagrant price-gouging; but Nintendo's did exactly the same thing with the DSi, yet everyone lapped it up.

        Seriously, why would you upgrade when it's almost exactly the same console?

    Paul, DSi is more of a leap over its predecessor than the PSP Go is over its own forerunner.

    DS Lite lacks cameras, built in AND expandable memory, and most importantly Nintendo Shop. But has multi-region.

    PSP 3000 lacks Bluetooth and onboard memory. But has UMD drive.

    And you upgrade for the same reason you buy anything in a new, Mk. 1 model. Cos its there and its the best at doing what you want done.

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