Wii Tony Hawk Rides With Your Mii

The Wii version of Tony Hawk Ride might not have the stunning graphics and online multiplayer of the HD versions, but who cares about all that when you can skate with your Mii?

IGN spills the beans on this new feature unique (obviously) to the Nintendo version of the game. Wii owners will be able to bring their Mii creations into the game, with Mii versions of professional skaters like Paul Rodriguez and Steve Nesser included alongside their more realistic character models.

"One of the big wins for us is that you can skate as your Miis," said Yale Miller, Tony Hawk: Ride's producer. "We kept asking to get this feature in, and Nintendo liked what they saw."

Along with the inclusion of Mii support, Wii Ride developer Buzz Monkey Software created two levels for the Nintendo version that aren't in the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 editions. Not exactly features that would cause a multi-system owner to choose the Wii versions over the others, but it's good to see Nintendo fans getting a little loving.

Let Your Mii Skate in Tony Hawk Ride [IGN]


    anyone know if youll be able to use the wiifit board with motion plus for this? im gonna get it on ps3 but wouldnt mind having the wii version for a laugh aswell. i think the fit board seems more durable against young kids.... which in my house would really wanna try this.

    Yea, is this coming out on Wii with a Board add-on? Or do we just use wii fit board? I have had a go on the 360 oard, it's pretty cool and more usefull than the wii fit board. Hope we get it!

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