Will Brütal Legend Be On This List?

Half the fun of super-long video game lists is scrolling through to see if your favourite/most-hated games are on there. The other half of the fun is looking for Tim Schafer games.

It's not that Schafer's made so many games that he has to be on every list (like the Final Fantasy games). It's just that his games are so diverse and bizarre that they usually stand out enough to make somebody's list of "Gaming's Greatest/Worst [Insert Noun Here] ". This week, he makes GamesRadar's list of "18 awesome games that died at retail" not once, but twice!

Psychonauts to me is the obligatory Schafer game everyone includes on their list. But thankfully Grim Fandango made the cut this time. Of all Schafer's works, it's still my favourite so far.

It'll be interesting to see whether or not Brütal Legend qualifies as a great game that dies at retail. Currently, it's got a Metacritic score of 84, but the jury's still out on how well it's selling...

18 awesome games that died at retail [GamesRadar]


    Apparently a lot of copies of Brutal Legend are being returned State-side due to its incredibly short length and the fact that a lot of people didn't expect the RTS elements to be so explicity RTS-y. The prerelease demo didn't even hint at it, making it seem more like Overlord than Sacrifice, and the end result isn't even implemented particularly well. It's as though Schafer was just in love with the concept of hybridising action-adventure with RTS without any notion of what makes an RTS "fun". Just my 5c.

      Yeah, it took me by surprise a bit at first, that the stage battles were really the core story progressing gameplay feature (as well as the multiplayer). It just wasn't what I expected, but I don't think it was poorly done, and once I realised what the game was going to mostly be I definitely was enjoying it more, my biggest disappointment would have to be that when they had perfect chances to increase the difficulty, such as when you start doing stage battles with the new faction, they seemed to at first and then it all just fell away, unfortunately once I got to grips with it I cruised through most of the story missions which only served to make a short experience even shorter.

      And it certainly was disappointingly short by most people's standards and I constantly see those sort of games recommended as a rental in forums, rather than a purchase. Basically, I agree that it perhaps is a bit sloppy at times, but I enjoyed that core mechanic, and the small amount of multiplayer I have tried so far has seemed to build on it alot by adding much more interesting situations to deal with due to the other players.

    I thought the game was pretty 'meh' for the first half then when it started becoming the RTS I really liked it even though the AI is super bad even on the hardest setting. But then the game ended appruptly short, it feels like if it had gone for a few more hours and kept the momentum it would of been one of my favourite games of all time.

    The multiplayer is pretty fun though.

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