Will You Fight For Gratuitous Slow-Motion Panty Shots?

Namco Bandai's remarkably subtle and slow "What Will You Fight For?" viral videos for Tekken 6 get a lot less subtle the second time around.

Women in their underwear fighting over shoes...there is absolutely no way I could comment on the contents of this video without being accused of being a sexist pervert, and I am slightly tired of such accusations, so instead I will pose a question. What the hell is that red thing the second set of combatants is swinging around? It's driving me insane. Please send help.


    Looks like a hair straightener, Mike.

    It's a Hair Straightener - Like a pair of tongs but with ceramic plates in it that are heated up and women run it down their hair to straighten out curls or frizz.
    Only takes a girl with curly hair something like an hour and a half to use on their own.

    And the end result is something us men tend to never notice because unlike women we don't often have any issues with their hair appearance.

    Dude, even the blokiest of blokes should have some idea of what a hair straightener is... you need to get out more.

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