WIN! A Badass Borderlands Xbox 360 Prize Pack

This is your last chance to win some badass Borderlands swag and a copy of the game on Xbox 360. Find out how after the jump.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Friday's winner will be announced on Monday, Oct. 26.

Thanks to our good friends at 2K Games each day this week we're giving away the following prize pack:

* A copy of Borderlands for Xbox 360 * A Borderlands t-shirt * A Borderlands mug * A Borderlands kitbag * A Borderlands notebook * A Boderlands cap * And a Borderlands retro tape player USB

Borderlands is the imminent role-playing shooter from Gearbox Software. It might not be the Citizen Kane of games, but it is - in the words of Gearbox president Randy Pitchford - totally badass. We've played it, several times in fact, and we dig it.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the game is its procedurally generated weapon system, which randomise a host of factors to ensure that you'll rarely find two weapons that are the same. Gearbox claim there are more weapons in Borderlands than in every other shooter this console generation combined.

But perhaps you can come up with a weapon they haven't got.

To be in the running to win, we want you to describe the Borderlands weapon you'd use to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Leave your weapon name and description in the comments below. Humour and creativity will be rewarded, as per usual Kotaku competition lines.

To be eligible for today's draw, you must leave your comment by midnight tonight. You're allowed one entry per day. If you want to enter in tomorrow's draw, you're fresh out of luck because there is no draw tomorrow. This is it. Your final chance!

And for all those who entered yesterday, Thursday's lucky winner is...

Aaron and his Sense of Civic Duty Pistol. Because, frankly, the best way to survive in the wasteland may not necessarily involve killing everyone.

It always bothered me in games like Fallout and Borderlands, worlds with a severely diminished population, that you spent so much time killing bandits and raiders, people who could be rehabilitated to help in rebuilding the infrastructure. Not to mention the hereditary damage of the reduced diversity in the gene pool.

To combat this long term problem I propose the SOCD Pistol. Or Sense of Civic Duty Pistol. Loaded with darts containing a carefully tailored chemical agent. A hit will send the chemical straight to the targets medulla oblangata, at which point they will drop their weapon and leave the battle, walking straight to the nearest farm or water purification facility where they will volunteer as free labour.

Like politicians fail to do, I think post apocalyptic scenario games need to think long term.

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      No ME!

      I need that cap, I have EXTREMELY fair skin.

        Yay I did win! My complexion rejoices!

    the Wiki-Weapon

    This amazing innovation in firepower started off fairly basic but this amazing new concept means that anybody anywhere in the world can modify and augment this weapon resulting over three million different configurations (in English) meaning it's got the perfect setting for just about any situation.

    Being attacked by three bandits with shotguns and one with a Honourable Mention gun, crusing around in a Blue Phoenix? just one quick search and you'll be ready to deal with it. No appropriate mod? just add one yourself!

    Disclaimer - Wiki-Weapon may not be as reliable as other weapons as mods may turn out to be incorrect or misleading. May not be accepted by universities as reference material.

    So who won?

    The Consistent Repeator.

    An intermittent but regularly supplied weapon. It fires only once every 24 hours but maaaan, that one shot is worth the wait. Sure, other guns may have immediacy and are generally more interesting but the Consistent Repeator won't let you down ever. Every day, at roughly the same time, that one quick is fired off, whether your like it or not.

    It's more like a warm handshake from an old friend than a devastating gun. You'll always be safe in the knowledge that that one lonely, but admittedly impactful, shot will come. You could even discard the Repeator, ignore it and its foolhardy reliability, but it will come through with the goods even if you have lost interest.

    Everyone may point and laugh at the Repeator, lying there gathering dust because it's owner has thrown it away, but the Repeator doesn't care. It's here to do its job and dammit, it's going to do it come hell or high water.

    And maybe it comes free with some stickers of Mortal Kombat characters so you can decorate it to make it look even more awesome.

    The K/W-2009

    A very large and bulky shoulder mounted cannon that fires Kanye West. After being launched Kanye then approaches the nearest group of enemies and proclaims.

    “Yo Borderlands, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Fallout 3 is the best post-apocalyptic role-playing shooter of all time. One of the best video games of all time!”

    The enemies are then left stunned leaving you to carry on with the killing.

    The Chris Brown Cannon

    Contrary to what the name may have you believe it isnt a gun that fires Chris Brown at the enemy, it is a gun that launches a giant fist

    the gun itself looks like a rocket launcher with a giant fist on the end

    Post-apocalyptia Cannon - This massive cannon comes with it's own tripod, and when fired launches enough mini-nukes to turn even the most lush forest planet into a barren wasteland fit for raiding and loot hunting.
    WARNING : Please use safety goggles when operating this weapon, and do not stare in the direction of any impacts.

    ME! Because I never entered!

    All i would need is a LoveHate Gun with the patented "Hopoate" option, for added akwardness.

    The gun is quite simple, yet emmits a powerful beam of within a strong emotion of love or hate to the target. When used, you can target two enemies to both kill eachother (Hate), or distract them with an overwhelming desire to cuddle and take long strolls on the beach together.
    The Hopoate would be like a power up, but can drastically increase the emotion felt, either good or bad!

    The beauty is that it also works in inanamate objects, the target can be made to love a tree mulcher or combine harvester, or made to even hate him/herself.

    On this, you should also get an acheivement "Spread the love", where you complete an whole mission by making everyone love everyone else and you would see the entire based of NPC's hugging and kissing for the entire level!

    The Ventriloquist Sniper Rifle:

    A Gun that when fired causes instant confusion by not only killing or at least wounding an enemy, but also making it sound like the shot was fired from another nearby enemy rather than you. The best silencer is one that makes the bang happen somewhere else.

    Why can't I have a gun that shoots out chimpanzees on rollerskates? When will these game developers learn that you can't beat a chimpanzee on rollerskates?

    Except maybe a dog that shoots bees out of its mouth.


    Yup, it's a gun that can generate and deploy Beer and Pretzels.

    Let's face it, is ANYBODY going to mess with a guy that can shoot friggin beer and pretzels?

    Last Chance Cannon.

    When you have no ammo left for any other gun, the Last Chance Cannon transforms from a simple pistol into a giant cannon that shoots miniature suns that obliterate any other competition entrant. Err, I mean foe.

    rainbow laser

    primary fire: projects a rainbow into the sky making enemys forget all there post-apocalyptic woes. the side effect is that it leads all enemys directly to your position but at the other end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold
    secondary fire: consentrated rainbow beam that brainwashes enemys into your allys for a limited time.

    I'm really interested to play this game. I've started hearing so many cool things about it.

    The Viper Rifle
    An scoped rifle that shoots snakes which then can only be destroyed by Samuel L. Jackson swearing excessively at them.

    2X bonus to:

    The Viper Rifle
    An scoped rifle that shoots snakes which then can only be destroyed by Samuel L. Jackson swearing excessively at them.

    2X damage to:

    Air Hostesses

    .5X damage to:

    Samuel L. Jackson

    “The Money Shot”

    The weapon fires molten hot plastic (which I imagine you would be able to find anywhere in the future).

    Creeps especially hate it when you get it in their hair or in the mouth.

    +10 to blinding
    +99 to pro

    The Rubber band of doom:
    This versatile weapon designed by MacGyver. It's highly portable and flexible. The long range attack will launch the weapon towards the victims eyes and has a 1 in ten chance of blinding them for life.
    It rubber band can also be combined with paper to launch folded paper projectiles at high speed and over long distances (10 meters). The paper projectiles can also cause blindness at a rate of 1 in 5, but projectiles also inflict mind numbingly painful welts and occasionally the dreaded paper cut which will cause the victims to bleed out or even worse get a nasty infection!
    Up close the rubber band can inflict nasty flicks causing red welts to appear on the victims bare arms or legs.
    If the rubber band is used to frequently it will snap and become useless streachy tie instead of the killer weapon it once was.

    My weapon would be to create an online competition for a very popular videogame and have many people enter with very creative entries.

    The next day when I announce the winner, I declare 'Yesterday's lucky winner is...'

    and then I wait.

    and wait.

    and wait.

    The suspense from my crafty delay will kill even the most stonefaced entrant within 90 minutes.

    Be warned, the weapon comes with two caveats;

    1) The weapon is ineffective against people who didn't enter the competition, possibly because they preordered the game already.

    2) The suspense will kill 99.9 percent of your targets, since one person has to actually win the competition according to the terms and conditions. However, on rare occasions winners have been known to drop dead from elation, so look at it as an added bonus.


    The Stick-It! says farewell to your woes of moving like a drunk person and aiming like a slow robot! No longer will you have to endure the wasteland feeling as if your ability to aim is controlled by a tiny thumbstick. Slot any other weapon you find into the Stick-It! and you'll feel immediate relief as your hand closes on your new aiming device - a sleek Mx-518 Gaming mouse, tested and true. Feel the joy as headshots become a breeze with clear and crisp flicks of your wrist, instead of slowly spinning in molasses and always turning just that bit past your intended target.

    The Stick-It! comes packaged with a free pair of Ne'er-Walk-Wonky boots. Let the boots guide your feet, aided by remote WASD controls on the grip of your Stick-It!, so movement is no longer reduced to sliding along walls and running in slight arcs that are never quite where you're facing.

    The Machine Bullet Biggerizer

    When you don't have a good gun with you, Try the Machine Bullet Biggerizer gun! It's a machine gun but with the power to turn the bullets into giant explosive clyinder.

    See Yourself Gun...

    This weapon shoots a projectile that gives the enemy an out of body experience so they see themselves being shot.

    Critical shots put yourself in the persons body so you can see the impact for yourself before being put back into your own body.

    Black & White:

    This relic from ages past used to be the weapon of choice for cops on the beat. It removed the tedious task of thinking from the daily grind.

    The gun has a specialised chip that accesses global information networks, and can intelligently determine anyone you point and shoot it at as either good or bad. Anyone determined to be bad is instantly immolated, anyone good is spared.

    However, due to years of neglect in the wastelands, the AI chip has malfunctioned. The gun will now randomly determine if someone will be immolated, and on rare occasions this includes the weapon holder. There is also a caching issue with the gun, so anyone determined good on first fire will never be shot at by the gun, allowing them to have their way with you.

    R.A.I.L. Gun - The RABID ANGRY INFANT LAUNCHER accelerates gnashing babies with rabies at 7 times the speed of sound that latch onto your enemies body with a shlopping sound, infecting them with rabies, causing them to attack there own in a blind rage. The semtex loaded diaper worn by the baby means that the player can turn the berserk foe into an explosive fireball with a well placed shot.

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