WIN! A Badass Borderlands Xbox 360 Prize Pack

You've only got two more chances to win some badass Borderlands swag and a copy of the game on Xbox 360. Find out how after the jump.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.

Thanks to our good friends at 2K Games each day this week we're giving away the following prize pack:

* A copy of Borderlands for Xbox 360 * A Borderlands t-shirt * A Borderlands mug * A Borderlands kitbag * A Borderlands notebook * A Boderlands cap * And a Borderlands retro tape player USB

Borderlands is the imminent role-playing shooter from Gearbox Software. It might not be the Citizen Kane of games, but it is—in the words of Gearbox president Randy Pitchford—totally badass. We've played it, several times in fact, and we dig it.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the game is its procedurally generated weapon system, which randomise a host of factors to ensure that you'll rarely find two weapons that are the same. Gearbox claim there are more weapons in Borderlands than in every other shooter this console generation combined.

But perhaps you can come up with a weapon they haven't got.

To be in the running to win, we want you to describe the Borderlands weapon you'd use to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Leave your weapon name and description in the comments below. Humour and creativity will be rewarded, as per usual Kotaku competition lines.

To be eligible for today's draw, you must leave your comment by midnight tonight. You're allowed one entry per day. If you want to enter in tomorrow's draw, you must comment on that post with a brand new weapon idea.

And for all those who entered yesterday, Wednesday's lucky winner is...

Dominic Harman, for this inspired entry. (See yesterday's post for why.)

The Honourable Mention Gun – While certainly not the best gun to be found in the wastes, it packs a fair punch and makes you proud to have it. Sure, occasionally you will stare at it in minor shame knowing that it isn’t the best gun out there, but in moments such as these it is just important to pat yourself on the back and recognise the fact that you still have a quality gun. Key features of this gun include its encouragement to find a better gun and its random selection of songs that will play at various moments including “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “I Can See Clearly Now.”

[Terms and Conditions]


    Randomosity Blitz 9000

    Tapping into the core of every random generator in the universe, the Randomosity Blitz 9000 fires a confusing multi-colored beam of light which alters everything it touches. Enemies, loot, even scenery melts, morphs and warps into something that it 'could' have been had lady luck looked a different way at it's creation.

    Don't like the spawns you got in this area? No problem! Fire up your RB9k and see your enemies re-roll on the spot. Think the loot dropped from that boss was a joke? Give the metaphorical wheel another whirl and hope this time you get something decent, something you would actually consider equipping without feeling dirty.

    The RB9k now works on fickle team-members that can-never-seem-to-decide-on-what-damn-class-they-want-to-play! No more waiting for them to think of a new name for their character (which will only be something like 'Arthas', 'Legolas' or 'Bob' anyway) and run through the starting areas to catch up. Just point, shoot, and give them something random - probably as bad as they would have made anyway! (at least until they want another jolt in 15 minutes time).

    Warning: May bring out OCD in some users. If symptoms appear such as constantly zapping a single item over and over and over please aim this weapon into a mirror and change it into something less.. overwhelming.. for the fickle-minded.

    the puzzler

    its a single barrel shotgun that shoots a rubix cube so it makes the enemy sit down and try to solve it and gives you time to run away if your dying

    pussy cannon 3000

    A heavy weapon that shoots out cute little kittens into the wastelands. Your foe either goes 'ohhhhhhh how cute' and is immediately transformed into a caring sharing companion for you or most likely devours the poor kitty, with massive amounts of blood splatter, but this distraction gives you the opportunity to deploy one of your other weapons to finish him.

    I would defiantly use "pleasure grenades"

    The victim is overwhelmed with extreme priaprism or earth shattering seizures.


    - Do not use on small animals,

    A Liu Kang gun.

    It's a gun that shoots Liu Kangs.

      lol, there have been so many guns that just shoot random VG characters - usually of the ninja/martial arts variety

    Hans the Porcavian Pig

    Nothing can stop this little guy. His total cuteness will cause even the toughest Skag to whimper in pure joy.

    The brick
    An extremly heavt thrown projectile, which may cause damage to the enemy. May be used as a meele weapon.
    Hint: Its a brick

      I don't think I can compete with this.

    A skag rifle

    In homage to the copious amounts of dogs you will kill in the first few levels of borderlands (according to reviews at least), why not stock up on skag parts?

    Being eco-friendly as you recycle the body parts of the skags you kill is simply a bonus, as you fire off skag after skag in order to kill more skags, laughing as the irony is not lost on you.

    Happy Skag Hunting!

    Furiously Angry - Radioactive Electric Eel Launcher!

    The Pheromone rifle

    The Pheromone rifle functions very much like a dart rifle, however, the rifle's specialized darts are what make this weapon stand out in the crowd.

    Upon impact, the darts anchor into the target's flesh and emit a powerful pheromone cocktail into the air that has been lovingly distilled from the glands of the most popular boy-bands and teen-idols of the 21st century.

    Moments after the pheromones are released, the target is set upon by a rabid mob of tween fangirls.

    The last thing the victim sees before being torn to shreds is a frenzied blur of braces, ponytails, sparkled fake nails and terrible acne.

    Many wouldn't think you would find a tween demographic in a desolate wasteland such as this. The Pheromone Rifle proves otherwise.

    *David Wildgoose is presented something like looks like a hunting rifle, from the stock to the trigger but is offset by a 25 inch barrel which is matted in odd tufts of fur and appears to be lacking a magazine. The person presenting this piece is wearing a greasy white suit and black slicked back hair *

    This weapon my good sir is known as Fur Morph model 3, its primary mode is the firing of eggs containing small Ursidae of the mammalian family, expect rapid growth upon exit of there gel filled eggs which my good sir has been commented on looking like a toy vending machine capsule.

    These bears once fully grown will tear your enemies to shreds, allowing you to acquire whatever you engaged them for, for free!

    *David points the gun at the greasy salesmen*

    I must give warning as a legal requirement to warn of hazards for yours AND MY SAFETY! You must high tail it when fired, as the bears, well... they aren't terribly particular about there meals...

    *David turns the gun around and sees a switch on the side semi concealed by fur*

    Ahh perfect, this brings us to the secondary firing mode. Now not as effective, it is considered to be highly amusing thing to inflict upon comrades as enemies.

    It hairifys enemies, causing them to sprout hair all over the bodies, the idea behind it was in desert combat the enemy would die from dehydration as the effect is quite permanent.

    They called nicknamed this weapon on the front lines....

    *David flicks the switch and fires upon the salesmen*

    The Care Bear

    Knowledge Is Power - AKA: KIP

    This unique weapon proves once and for or that knowledge really is the greatest form of power. Potentially the most devastating gun ever created the user just has to enter the amount of damage the wish to do though the user friendly input keypad then just point and click. There is however, one catch.

    The KIP uses the power of the operators own knowledge to fire a concentrated beam of EXP points at such high velocities they hurt!* The amount of damage you do is only limited by how much experience you are able and willing to sacrifice.

    Caution: over use of this weapon may result in the user being too stupid to know they should have stopped using it already.

    *(damage may be on a 1 to 1 basis or by a multiplier for balancing issues)


    What better way to disorrientate and mess with borderland baddies than by using this gun.
    Reign terror with the annoying whining of the opening credits to one of the best Anime movies.

    Don't beleive me? Here's but a sample -

    This will surely make your enemies gouge themselves to death !

    The Co-op Gun.

    In game this does nothing more than shoot a colourful (and slightly distracting) flare up into the sky.

    Real world it sends an SMS to a friend with a copy of Borderlands and boots up their rig/console so they can come save your arse.

    After all, what's the point of playing Borderlands without a friend to watch your back and share in the loot?

    Exploding Batteries

    Got guns which relies on the power of power off the source of batteries? Then this will get you up and ready for those dire circumstances.

    These puppies not only allow you to use them as normal batteries, but you can also use them like grenades whenever you like.

    The more power left in those batteries will lead to a bigger and impressive boom, but a drained battery will lead to extensive shrapnel damage, either win-win unless you are too close to where the battery lands

    My Arts Degree – Because what better way to travel through the wastes than with knowledge? The application of this “weapon” is limitless. Should you be confronted by a rabid mutant you can discuss with him the concept of otherness and the various advantages and disadvantages of the violent path. Come by a robot? Well it’s rather lucky that you have analysed “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” and “Blade Runner” in a number of ways giving you an understanding of what it really means to be human while taking into account the robot’s point of view. With this weapon, accepting a mission isn’t as easy as yes or no, it is a deep moral choice of weighing up various ideologies throughout history. While in the towns, you may want to examine the local economy and class systems questioning if we are just heading down another path of destruction through a capitalist society while slowly seeding in concepts of Marxism.

      Lol, you won... greedy? :P

        Yeah sorry. I posted this before he announced the winner so it can be disregarded.

    the furrious furry belt

    placed on the the floor the ffb (furrious furry belt) is akin to the magsine in mgs. its distracts the guards while they put it on with its anomatronic charm, also it has a secondary function if a guard is spotted wearing the ffb he dies of embarassment.

    also can be used as an item in mario bros 3


    Do you like sewing?
    Do you enjoy a good darning ?
    Do you have secret homicidal cravings ?

    Then this is the weapon for you!

    Made from the finest of materials, the threadder allows to apply your skills at the sewing machine to the battlefeild!

    The Threadder launches a red hot "needle" projectile which glides through your intended target as easially as sewing a button. Attached to the needle is our patented "Thread-4-u" steel fibre cable, allowing you to string together your impaled targets and arrange them into a rather lovely floral pattern. Able to pass through up to 5 targets ( in ideal conditions ) it makes short work of any violent craft related project.

    The street-date breaking gun.

    The street-date breaking gun allows all your wildest dreams to come true, by allowing you to access mythical lands, kill countless enemies, unlock precious precious Acheivements... all by giving you a drooling satisfaction that is only felt by having highly anticipated games released before their street-date.

    I'm sure everyone could use a street-date breaking gun!

    After just seeing that cow gun video on crystal bearers, I think that would make an awesome gun.
    High Pressure Milk Cannon

    Pocket Ninjas

    Can't infiltrate buildings? Need to secretly attack enemies? Love Ninjas? Then the Pocket Ninjas will be the perfect companions you'll ever need and have.

    Just because they are small and fit easily in your pockets, don't mean that they are not dangerous, these crafty little buggers are so dangerous, they can kill enemies in ways you wish that you don't want to know.

    Let them go, tell them the target. They will know how to do the rest, just so long as you look after them.

    Don't look after them, they will run away and because they are ninjas, you'll need to watch your back in case they decide to pay you back for all the kindness you have shown them.

    The Drainer

    weapon shoots a streaming red swirly plasma beam that drains life ... cannot take mob lower than 1HP

    The Persistent Rifle
    A rather weak gun that shoots unspired entries into both your enemies and various competitions. However the poor quality of the rifle's output means that there is little to no input. The benefit being that it does not actually require any ammunition to fire.

    Regardless of the strength of your targets armour, a year of persistent fire will bring anything down*!

    * Maybe... Probably not. You're better of using the rifle as a club.

    The Goomba Launcher

    The Goomba is the ultimate weapon. Sure, at first glance it simply looks like a horribly mutated, inexplicably living mushroom, counting down the seconds until the final, sweet embrace of death. In reality, simply touching the sides of these genetic monstrosities is enough to instantly kill a normal man. The bigger 'boss' enemies out there may require two hits to take down, but the first one will shrink them in size considerably and remove most of their abilities, so it's really no big deal. Admittedly a bit useless against jumping enemies and, for some reason, turtles, the Goomba Gun is a humiliating yet mildly amusing way to kill your way around Pandora.

    Mr Fusion: Powered by waste scattered in and around the wastes, Mr Fusion is for the environmentally conscious killer.

    How many times have your friends said to you, "let's go out on a rampage". And you've politely declined, stating you can't possibly clean up the wastelands without cleaning up the environment as well.

    Mr Fusion can be recharged using any scrap metal, food scraps, carcasses and pretty much anything you can pick up. Once the required 1.21 gigawatts of power is reached, Mr Fusion will happily release several hundred rounds of energy bolts into anything you please.

    Knowing Mr Fusion exists, could you go on killing with your carbon unfriendly weapons?

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