WIN! King Of Fighters XII PS3/360 Collectors Editions

Let's take a look at some of the Kotaku readers vying to win one of eight figurine-tastic collectors editions of SNK's King Of Fighters XII.

Thanks to our good friends at All Interactive Entertainment, we have four of the Xbox 360 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII and four of the PlayStation 3 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII. All eight prizes come with the game, of course, but also two 15cm-high figures of KOF fighters Kyo and Terry.

How do you enter? Check here for the full details.

Or maybe these mock-up screenshot entries will speak for themselves.

kof steven b

kof aaron b

kof stephen a


    Awwww mannnn... these people have COSTUMES?!?!?! am i really going to have to dress up in my girlfrieds french maid outfit again 'goose? then again... she just got a sailor outfit....

      You got your girlfriend a sailors costume.. what kind of kinky shit are you into?!

        Let's hope he meant Sailor the least

        well actually she got it herself for a school dress up day a while back..

        ...but to answer your question, you don't want to know what kind of kinky shit i'm into. =P

        Matter of factly, if i were you i'd be more worried that i plan on donning (and consequently tearing) her outfits in order to win a competition for a game full of men that look like they're doing the same thing...

    Yay! Thanks for the feature David! Now lets see if I can get all the way to winning one of those KOF collector's editions!

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