WIN! King Of Fighters XII PS3/360 Collectors Editions

Let's take a look at a few more of the Kotaku readers vying to win one of eight figurine-tastic collectors editions of SNK's King Of Fighters XII.

Thanks to our good friends at All Interactive Entertainment, we have four of the Xbox 360 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII and four of the PlayStation 3 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII. All eight prizes come with the game, of course, but also two 15cm-high figures of KOF fighters Kyo and Terry.

How do you enter? Check here for the full details.

We've already shown you three of the more "interesting" entries we've received. So here's three more. do you think you can beat them? You've got until Sunday night to deliver the goods.

kof alana m

kof ben m

kof daniel g


    Dans, mate, you should see a doctor about that.. i don't think it's natural for people to regurgitate ratings...

    Top entry looks nifty, and like alot of work has gone into it... but um... can anyone advise me as to what the heck is going on? or is this one of those things that you really have to be on acid to get?

    And lastly - lols @ teddy bogard!

    Well done guys!

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