With Japanese Price Cut, PS3 Sales Up 700%

A spate of price cuts has hit game hardware. Famitsu publisher Enterbrain examines how it has affected each platform. Let's have a look, shall we?

On September 3, the price of the PS3 was dropped by ¥10,000 ($118) to ¥29,980 ($353) from the previous price of ¥39,990 ($471). In that week, 150,832 units were sold. By October 11, Sony had seen a 707 per cent increase in PS3 sales in Japan.

Sony also lowered the price of the PSP-3000. The ¥19,800 ($233) was lowered slightly to ¥16,800 ($198). Small price cut or not, PSP sales in Japan spiked 126 per cent by October 11.

Last month, Nintendo announced a price cut for the Wii: the ¥25,000 ($295) console would go for ¥20,000 ($236) starting October 1. According to Enterbrain's data, Wii sales increased by 29 per cent as of October 11.

Microsoft also cut the price of the Xbox 360 in Japan. On September 10, the ¥39,800 ($469) Elite console was marked down to ¥29,800 ($351). During the week of September 7 to the 13, Microsoft did see a bounce in sales. But for the period ending October 11, Xbox 360 sales were actually down 70 per cent in Japan.

According to Famitsu, the spike in sales for the PS3 and for the Wii can be attributed to the upcoming end-of-year titles: Final Fantasy XIII and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

シェア争いに異変あり!? 相次ぐハードの値下げによる効果を検証する [ファミ通.com]


    I just have to have whine about that PSP add on the front page that's taking over the front page. I've been considering getting playstation 3 now that the price had dropped but that friggen ad is making me hate Sony because it procs ever min or so and you have to click on the tiny little x, you miss it and it automatically takes you to another tab (i've never let it load long enough to see but I'm assuming it's somewhere to buy PSPgo's). And then when i do close it or wait for it to time out it seems to kill all the links to kotaku articles that were under and i have to wait for it to proc again before i can ready anything on the top three posts!

    on a more serious note, i'm using mozilla on 64 bit vista. Just wondering if anyone his having that link killing problem and if it's just this combo of browser/os.

      How about you just stop visiting Kotaku?

      Anyway the Xbox sales are probably attributed to the hate thats going around in Japan where Xbox exclusives become multiplatform.

      Totally agree.

      Sony ad covers half the screen and doesn't piss off with no button to close it.

      Samsung TV ad covers left side of screen, covers up article text and doesn't piss off.

      Mac, Safari.

      Total balls.

    Im with you Gordon. When i'm on Kotaku i like to skim through the headlines and right click and open in new tab. With the recent advertising (Borderlands, Uncharted and now the most annoying PSPgo) i have been unable to right click and open in new tab. (One may say use the scroll button but i cannot do this with my mouse).

    Everytime i right click, it comes up with the options as if i'm watching a movie or on youtube. It has the Quality settings and Adobe Flash etc...

    Now, i'm forced to open up each article i want to read at a time, then return to the previous page only to be hassled by a gigantic PSPgo and when i try to CLOSE, BOOM! I accidently open up a new window.


    Gordon, the tiny little x is a subtle metaphor of the "Hit 'n miss" nature of the PSP platform. You have think beyond the annoying nature of the ad in order to achieve greater enlightenment of the PSP Go's inadequacies.

    Pimko, great advice. Sites always love declining viewership.

    Gordon, what browser do you use?

      I can't speak for Gordon, but I see it when using Internet Explorer.

        OK, I'll raise it with our IT guy tomorrow. Btw, I'm not seeing the issue in Firefox.

    The sales have gone up simply because the price has gone down. There is no relationship to the future release of Final Fantasy. In general the sales spikes occur with the release of a game, not so far in advance.

    Most people will wait until the release of Final Fantasy and buy the Final Fantasy bundles etc... and so get a better package.

    Joh, the bundles will most likely be more expensive when Final Fantasy drops.

    Japan always super raise the prices of BIG releases. So the bundles that will get released will most likely have a higher price. Even tho the Japs are pretty dumb, they're probably using some sort of sense in their brain to buy a PS3 now with whatever games are on offer (or not) rather than get slapped with an increase cause of ONE game.

    Hey Jay, You are a rascist dickhead and have no idea what you are talking about. Please go eat broken glass. TIA

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