Wolfenstein Hits PCs, Demo Now Available

Are you one of the millions of gamers who didn't play Wolfenstein when it hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Well, now's your chance to rectify that with the PC release!

Of course, you can also contribute to the game's underperformance by downloading the Wolfenstein PC demo, yours for the sampling. It's available wherever fine Windows-based demos are offered, places like FileShack and FilePlanet.


    wait a minute... this article is either a joke or ive gone through a time warp. i thought Wolfenstein was already on PC. Im confused, are they trying to be sarcastic? (you can never tell on the net.

    It was released at retail a long time ago (same as console). It was only just released on Steam the other day.

    It's as Scared said, Wolfenstein was released on PC at my workplace at the same time as the console versions several weeks ago.

    Que? Seems like months ago I played and finished it on PC... strange article.

    It's another case of the demo being released long after a game's launch. Pity, it's not a good game either.

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