World Of Warcraft Almost Makes PUGs Worth It

Blizzard drops details on the new dungeon and raid system for World of Warcraft, which brings with it cross-sever instancing, daily random dungeons and special rewards for taking part in a pick-up group.

Pick-up groups, or PUGs, are the bane of many an MMO player's existence. Rather than grouping with your guild or folks you know, you group up with random strangers who often turn out to be complete and utter tools and probably think the same thing about you. PUGs are generally avoided whenever possible, but World of Warcraft's new dungeon and raid system, due out in an upcoming patch, actually rewards players for grouping with random strangers. In fact, the more random additions to your group, the faster you gain rewards, including a Perky Pug non-combat pet.

In order to make PUGs even more attractive, the new system features smarter group matching, which means you should never end up with five shadow priests, which would completely break any instance you entered, along with cross-server instancing, which can pull players from any server in your Battlegroup to go dungeon hopping with you.

Another cool new feature that will seriously cut down on waiting for your PUG members to show up is Instance Teleporting. Much like the PVP battlegrounds in the game, when you join a dungeon using the new system, you will be automatically teleported to the dungeon entrance, where you can then sit AFK for 20 minutes while you get a sandwich.

The new tool will also allow players to select multiple dungeons to take on, or they can take their chances with a random dungeon, with NPC's giving out quests and rewards to those that complete daily random dungeons, which will be taking the place of the current daily heroic dungeon system.

All of this, plus vote kicking, a looking-for-raid tool, group disenchanting and a need-before-greed update are coming our way in the upcoming WoW content patch. It should go great lengths towards making an already easy game that much easier. Huzzah!

New Dungeon System [World of Warcraft - thanks Joshua!]


    It also goes ways to ensuring that once you've ignored/gotten sick of all the smacktard scrubs on your server, now you can experience ones from other servers!

    Cool, I only ever had problems with pugs in TBC though when they made the H dungeons require silly amounts of crowd control.

    I was pugging a lot of heroics every day and even doing quite a few of the raids in pug form, with great success before I quit.

    Ahh, you mean when Heroics were actually *gasp* difficult?

    Too little, too late.

    Original WoW and even BC were good games, still required some dedication...sounds like this game has gone way down since I last logged on. Then again is this a bad thing?
    With other games out there such as WAR for the pvp'ers and Aion (which rocks) for those who want the more 'hardcore' gaming experience maybe WoW is doing a good thing by keeping all the 'noobs' in their game?

    Hmm, not so much difficult but rather, Annoying.

    Hmmm, why all the nerd rage at this? IMO as a non-hardcore WoW gamer this could be a good step towards a 'fairer' game where if you haven't got an achievement the day the darn thing came out you can still go to one. I know it's frustrating to go to TotC for the umpteenth time with idiots, but I'm not about to spend 3 days working another job (in a guild) on top of my daily 9-5. I'm sure a lot of people would think the same way too.

    I hope that Blizz can balance it, maybe with Gearscoring or somesuch, but until I get to try it I'm not about to diss the system. WoW has always been about ACCESSIBILITY. That's the very reason why they have such a large player base. Heck I could run it on a netbook! So definitely balancing the more casual gameplay with hardcore ones will be for the better.

    If you're already in a hardcore guild, why the hell should you care about PuGs anyway? Go and raid with your l33t guildies.... >.>

    Whilst I miss the old "hard" WoW, the encounters these days are actually quite cool and the game as a whole is quite fun to play. Unfortunately the amount of elitism and other b/s that's slipped in makes for a fairly unpleasant time. When idiots are asking for achievements from the next tier of dungeon to do lower stuff, well...

    I'll enjoy Borderlands, Dragon Age and the like until Cataclysm hits next year sometime..

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