Yakuza Designer, Your Customer For A Day

Bar girl magazine Koakuma Ageha (yes, Japanese night club hostesses have their own mag!) is running some sort of contest. You've never guess what's present number 19. Well, you might!

SEGA is offering the winner Toshihiro Nagoshi, designer of the Yakuza franchise and Super Monkey Ball, as the winner's "customer for a day ticket". We imagine that Nagoshi will visit the winner's hostess bar, spend loads of money on booze and smoke an endless stream of cigarettes. Nice pointer finger ring!

If Nagoshi were our customer for a day, we'd make him bring the last Yakuza game to the West. Oh, we'd probably ask him for eyebrown, sorry, eyebrow trimming advice, too.


    I've never guess that!

    Yah I won and get to work harder.

    Wait is that meant to be a good thing?

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