Yes, The Xbox 360 Update Preview *Is* Out

Thank you for your kind letters and tips, informing us that those lucky enough to gain entry into the Xbox 360 fall update preview program have indeed been blessed with said updates. But save your keystrokes! We hear you.!

For the rest of you, check your Xboxes, update your dashboards—if you can—then Tweet and Facebook your little heads off. Then tell us if you're liking the new additions, or if you think that Twitter is the devil and steals your soul 140 characters at a time.


    the new update is an epic fail! fb and twit are extremely clunky and unusable. if someone posts a link or a video i gotta got to a pc or lappy anyway. whats the point? they have also setup fb like the dash. its very un-intuitive and just plain pointless. all videos are now in zune. i was looking for the latest ep of the guild... not there!! i was extremely pissed. that was until i realised i could sell this pile of puke on feebay. and to add to the frustration, if i wanna watch something i have downloaded, i have to go to lib' zune vids.... wait 1 min for it to load, then nav through their clunky interface to find MY vids then wait even more time for them to load up. the layout is not very well thought through thats for sure.
    i was watching twit for a while yesterday and a lot of people are voicing my opinion load and clear. i found that a lot of my tweets re- the crap were getting RT'd. many disappointed 360 owners right now. then to add insult to injury, most of the cool features have been left out of the AU marketplace! why is it we pay them for gold? i really think they should be paying us to put up with their garbage service to our country. especially with all the adverts added into the dash!my ps3 doesnt have ads yet that it free!
    M$ needs to harden the F--K up! and catch up to the standards of sony. most people see it the other way round but they are disillusion!

    I got the update yesterday & the 1 thing I was really looking forward to was, & it's only for the US & UK. Australia doesn't have it because of some music licensing issues thats what M$ said anyway. But I see they managed to get for the US & UK. Why do we have to pay the same as everyone else to have a Gold Account, when we don't get the same as everyone else? IT's just a stupid excuse to say it's to do with Licensing issues like with Netflix they said the same thing & you would think if they tried we would have Netflix by now since the US has had it for a couple of years.

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