Yes, There Will Be A Posable Bayonetta Figure

HOLY CRAP! We are so surprised! You may want to hold own to your socks for this bombshell. We'll wait. Ready? Okay, Japanese figure maker Kotobukiya is going to make, oh the suspense, a Bayonetta figure.

I know!

The details: It's a 1/6 PVC posable figurine that will be sculpted in the pose below. According to Tomopop, the statue will have a light-up base covered in what sounds like Bayonetta's bullet shells.

No word on pricing. We'll let all this sink in. I mean, what's next Mai Shiranui figures? Kasumi figures? The mind boogles. Imagine people will start cosplaying as this character, too. It's just a matter of time.

Kotobukiya announces 1/6 Bayonetta statue [Tomopop]


    dont see what the big deal is bayonetta looks to be just another hack and slash game featuring an attractive female lead ... now i know its not the attractve female lead doing the selling otherwise dead or a live would be the greatest selling game in the universe so really enlighten me what is the big deal

      A lot of the excitement is coming from the developers' pedigree. For example, it's directed by Hideki Kamiya, creator of Devil May Cry and Okami.

      Plus, it looks awesome on its own merits and has some fairly unique creative elements. Sure, the base gameplay may be standard hack and slash fare, but when was the last time you saw Dante or Kratos make a dragon out of their hair?

        Yea i spose but id say this is little more than a rental

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