Your MGS Peace Walker English Voice Cast Is...

Is Metal Gear Solid English voice actor mainstay returning for upcoming PSP title, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker? Is he?

In the latest Kojima Productions Report, the MGS PW voice cast has been announced. It is:

Master Miller - Robin Atkin Downes Paz - Tara Strong Amanda - Grey DeLisle Strangelove - Vanessa Marshall Coldman - H Richard Green Huey - Christopher Randolph Galvez - Steve Blum Chico - Anthony Del Rio Cecile - Catherine Taber Naked Snake, Big Boss - David Hayter

And like that, David Hayter is back for more gravelly gravel gruffing. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayter!

PW English Voice Cast Announced / PW英語版声優さん発表|コナミ小島プロダクション公式ウェブログ [コジブロ]


    Snake? Snake! SNAKKKKKKKKKKKKE!!!


    There should be an in-joke referring to Snake writing a screenplay of his own lifestory. Or at least mentioning Watchmen. And how much better it was that they kept it set in the 1980s.

    Christopher Randolph in a new role, wonder if he'll be playing a Emmerich. Also, Steve Blum, Wolverine! Spike! Gean!

    Christopher Randolph is in this?
    This game just went from must play to must own with one announcement...

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