Your PlayStation Home Avatar Can Have Adamantium Claws

Watch where you do the Running Man in PlayStation Home, PS3 owners. As of today, it gets a little more dangerous with the addition of wearable Wolverine claws in Sony's virtual social space.

In an effort to promote the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this year's best mutant action-comedy, on Blu-ray and DVD, Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are giving away free adamantium upgrades to Home users. And they're giving away a free animated shirt. They call it a vest in Europe, which sounds much nicer than "wife-beater."

How does one get these lovely prizes?

Well, all one needs to do is visit the old Threads Store in Home, presumably after visiting the Home Theatre to watch a preview of the Blu-ray release. Oh, did I type "theatre"? Yes, I did, because this is apparently limited to a European release. Sorry if that sends you into a beserker rage.

Here's another pic of the Wolverine goods in action, illustrating just why Hugh Jackman spends so much time working out for this role.


    Will this make the movie anything less than god-awful?

    No? Thats why I still wont pay to see it.

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