You've Got Pizza Hut In My Phantasy Star Portable 2

Hungry? SEGA Japan has teamed up with Pizza Hut by opening a virtual restaurant in the game's Gurhal Galaxy. Hello advertising!

As game site Siliconera points out, players can get figures of Japanese Pizza Hut mascot Cheese-kun as room decorations as well as arm themselves with a Pizza Hut cardboard box shield and a pizza pan. The in-game pizzeria also has edibles like seafood pizza for 2500 meseta (in-game currency), cheese pizza for 1900 meseta and coffee for 1000 meseta. The cost of sudden urges for Pizza Hut?

Get Pizza Hut In Phantasy Star Portable 2 [Siliconera]


    Great! If i order 5 pizzas before 5 o'clock on Tuesday, can i get the game for free?

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