2010 Will Bring Us More Call Of Duty, More Guitar Hero

During an earnings Q&A earlier today, Activision spoke a little of their 2010 product line-up. A line-up that you may be stunned to hear includes new Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Spider Man games.

You can no doubt imagine the kind of shambling corpse that'll be trotted out as Guitar Hero 6 (or whatever it ends up being called), and that's not even bringing up the inevitable band-specific, re-release and handheld versions we can no doubt expect from the series.

Call of Duty, though, that's a little more interesting. With this month's Modern Warfare 2 developed by Infinity Ward, next year is a "Treyarch" year, with rumours suggesting the game has moved completely away from the Second World War and will be set in an era with not only more menacing Russians, but better music as well.

As for Spider-Man, yeah, he's back, along with a Shrek game that'll no doubt be based on next year's Shrek movie.

Good ol' Activision. They're nothing if not dependable.


    Damn, I was hoping for Vietnam.... That sounds a little wrong.

      hmmm. maybe the middle east during the russian invasion of Afghanistan? i think IW has the modern war covered. i cant see treyarch doing that any justice. but the russian invasion started in late 79 so that would definitely fall into the older style of warfare.
      although i too would love to see a cod Vietnam. i reckon that would be awesome! full on guerrilla warfare! trap doors and networks of underground tunnels to get lost/killed in. the cod series really need to get into that one!!
      are you listening slactivision?

    Hardly news as saying that tommorow the sun will come up is news.

    Call of duty 12: The American Civil War

      I would actually play that. just because it's diffeent

    Same old crap. It wouldn't be such a problem if these games actually deserved sequels.

    I wish Activision would just stop. Unless they make a Dream Theater guitar hero... and bundle it with GH: Metallica.

    I'd buy that.

      so would I

      I;d rather Harmonix release it as a Rock Band game, because as we all know RB is far superior to GH.

      Hell Yeah! Rock Band 3 next year!

    Bastards should just release ultimate guitar hero, every single guitar hero song ever in one disc. Seriously....

    All the Treyarch CoD games are pants. CoD3 fills me with contempt just thinking about it.

      It's funny, cause they kinda are responsible for the whole CoD franchise. They did make the first one.

        No they weren't, Infinity Ward made the original Call of Duty. Treyarch made the expansion for CoD1.


    The New EA.


    It's also possible that eventually, the CoD series might move to futuristic shooters. IW have said that they can't really make one, since they're not good at it, so I suppose Treyarch might eye that up eventually.

    Yipeee, more shitty games under my Christmas tree.

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