25 Kill Streak In MW2 Delivers You A Really Big Bang

Multiplayer spoiler alert, I guess. Should you be awesome enough to rack up 25 straight kills in Modern Warfare 2, the game gives you a superweapon from which there is no escape. Not even for the guy who uses it.

Nuke Your Opponents in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer [Spoilers] [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    That is so stupid because it is so easy to get 25kill streaks, once I got 35. But of course noobs are only going to play this game, so I guess 25 is hard enough.


      you do know that kills from the chopper/air strikes won't count towards the streak, right? so it can't be seven kills of your own, then another 5-10 from the chopper to bring your tally up.

    Thats retarded. Seriously. It kills everyone. Even your tream. No point what so ever. Its also a lame explosion.

    25 killsteaks sound like little too early, 30 would be better.

    Looks almost like an automatic "I win" button. Rounds over, guy who set off the nuke is victorious. Which, if correct, doesn't seem fair to me.

    LOL @ plmko. You could have just said, "Theirs going to be a lot of noobs playing the game so I guess 25 is hard enough."

    But instead you kinda called yourself a noob cause I believe you will most likely be playing this game. Oh and the internet can be used in many ways to talk yourself up - not saying 35 is (or isn't) some uber-cool feat cause i'm sure there are people that have more than that. But don't try to brag and make yourself look like some pro.

    Then again - you're probably going to be playing this on the PS3 where you will be playing the same FEW people again and again (noobs aswell, OH does that hurt) so it won't be a challenge on getting that 35 kill streak.

    ANYWAY.. it seems Infinity are trying to go all out and doing some heaps cool things but failing. This is going to be real annoying and cool the first time but lame the next 1000 times. Just like the third-person - cool to try out - but COD is FPS, don't attempt at mixing them, unless you go make a REAL original IP (not a sequel and claim it is a new IP) that blends the two together PROPERLY.

      “Theres going to be a lot of noobs playing the game so I guess 25 is hard enough.” - fixed

      Umm Jay ask yourself this: If I was so indicative on disowning this game due to the fact it caters for noobs why would I buy this game? The fact that I provided an example of me getting 35 kills despite not even having purchased MW, does that not say anything about this game and therefore validates what I have just said?

      All in all, what went up your ass? if you find this game to be annoying why are you taking offense at my statements, was it because it brought the issue of you being a noob to your attention?

        I got a 36 kill-streak once.

        Cthulhu descends and crashes the server in response.

    Hmm. Doesn't seem like a good idea. I mean, all it will do is frustrate people. And who would use it? "lol, I kill everybody, including myself. That was so worth it."

    its been leaked on the internet for xbox 360

    It'll be implemented in a way that it only happens once every blue moon, and the fact that it's 25 kills means that it'd be the end of the match anyway right? It isn't like you'll play on afterwards.

    Infinity Ward are possibly the best developer in the world right now, they aren't going to ruin this game by adding useless shit.

    "Infinity Ward are possibly the best developer in the world right now, they aren’t going to ruin this game by adding useless shit."


    No Dedicated Servers.

      Third person.

      Yeah useless shit! The more you add, the better it gets!

        I happen to play third person a lot...

      Fuck dedicated servers, PC gamers brought that on themselves...

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