3D Dot Game Heroes Launch Trailer Explains It All

Atlus will be responsible for bringing the lush pixelised environments of 3D Dot Game Heroes to North American PlayStation 3s, publishing duties that we sincerely appreciate. So what is this game all about?

The standard fantasy drama formula is lovingly applied to 3D Dot Game Heroes. Peaceful civilisation thrives under the protection of some glowing orbs, evil shows up, threatens peace, orbs are scattered and a lone, superdeformed hero signs up to save the day. Along the way, a Legend of Zelda overworld theme homage plays and virtual legends are made.

What makes 3D Dot Game Heroes different is its lovely presentation, layering on the 8-bit retro style and player character customisation. It's formally announced for a May 11, 2010 release date with a $US39.99 price tag.


    I'm about 10 hours into the Japanese version, I think I'm almost finished it. It's bloody fantastic. I was going to do a reader review of it for you guys, but then I didn't...

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