8-Bit Left 4 Dead De-Make Arrives In January

Here I thought all the flashing corpses meant we were watching the Australian version of Left 4 Dead. I kid, Luke! I kid!!! No, this is a bona fide playable 8-bit "demake" of L4D, available soon for PC.

Now, that's not to say this is exciting. I kept waiting for a crescendo event and then realised this emulator probably cannot handle that many characters on the screen. But the common infected are a little too sedate, especially considering 8-bit games are remembered for being muuuuuch harder.

There's also only one special infected — the Boomer — although the creator Eric Ruth says all of the other special infected will be added in later some point. Ruth promises that all maps and campaigns will be represented too when the game is available for free download on PC on Jan. 4. NES Left 4 Dead Gameplay Video 1 [YouTube, thanks Eric.]


    This just drips with epic!

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