A Game Store That Only Sells One Game

Kooky, but true: EA Sports have, in the run-up to Christmas, opened two actual storefronts dedicated entirely to EA Sports Active (and, we guess, it's expansion). One is in San Francisco, the other, Boston.

Can't say we can remember the last time a single game got its own store. Actually, it's rare a game company gets its own store, so a one-title shop is just bananas.

There's a catch, though; both stores are only open for a limited time, with the shutters coming down on December 14.

[Image: Gary Whitta @ NeoGAF]


    I imagine the cost of fitting out and running that shop for a couple of freakin' weeks would've happily paid a few developer salaries...

      True, especially given the recent layoffs. On the other hand how many developers can they pay if this approach works?

    without the bussiness men to handle the advertisments and such, there would be no developer salaries anyways, well not as many.

    *its expansion

    Yeah I think this is disgusting that they'd open new stores, but shut down hardworking developer teams.

    Yeah, go and justify the slashing of so many development decisions while erecting a store front dedicated to one game, way to go.

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