A Letter From The God Of War Team

As seen on page 2 of the instruction manual for the PlayStation 3's God of War Collection.


    any comparison screenshots around? Have they bumped it up to a GOW3/ps3 style quality, or just a PS2 quality with smoother graphics and speed.

      Apparently the cutscenes still have the original resolution.

      Not that that's a dealbreaker in any universe.

      The remastered versions don't have gow3's visuals, that game is running on entirely different software.

      The 'ps3 style' version of these games is God of War 3, to do that to 1 and 2 they'd have to completely rebuild the entirety of both games from scratch.

      So yeah its like they say, some fixed uprezzed textures, AA and no lag. If you already bought both games its going to be like buying the special edition of a dvd after already buying the regular.

    Yeah theres a comparison on gametrailers, you cant see much though. Its just buffed up PS2 visuals. Im still getting it though since I never had a PS2.

    now, mgs3 remastered.

    Is there anything in this letter that wasn't already known? This hardly seems postworthy.

    Apart from the name changes "Single Trac", "Incognito", "Eat Sleep Play", the company is fairly consistent and makes great games. Twisted Metal is excellent. Warhawk was a let down personally but rated good and I have yet to play the excellent God of War but soon will with the remastered versions before 3 comes out :)

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