A Look At The Zombie Island Of Dr. Ned

Borderlands' first DLC add-on "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," releases Nov. 24, promising to add another six to 10 hours of gameplay. Here are the foes you'll face, in their natural habitat.

These shambling, staggering, crawling bastards look like outstanding cannon fodder, and I've got just the toolset for dealing with them - level 39 incendiary revolver and a level 37 shock SMG with a 10.9 fire rate. Should be like feeding mannequins into a woodchipper. Oh, wait, they've got wereskags in this, don't they ...

Borderlands Zombie DLC Video [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Any reason to play this game more, is a good one :)

    shock smg? pfft. get a combustion hellfire.

    10 bucks? 6-10 hours?

    I am sold.

    Free or for a cost? (PC)

    combustion hellfire all the way!! 144 damage with 4xFire, 488 damage revolver with 3xCorrosive, 846 damage whiting elephant gun :D cant wait!!

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