A New Look At Borderlands' The Zombie Island Of Dr. Ned

Who's excited about fresh Borderlands content? Even if it's zombie-related? I know I am, planning on downloading The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned as soon as is humanly possible. Or within my window of laziness. Anyway...

Gearbox Software released a batch of new media for the Borderlands expansion, content that looks like it would've been great to play on or around Halloween and will give my Siren a bluish hue that I'll really enjoy. More reanimated screens below.


    These look extremely interesting and should revitalize the game, can't wait. =)

    I'm PUMPED for this. Modern WarWHAT?

    I just wish they'd fix the issues with gamespy. Half the time I can't log on for no apparent reason. Then half the time when I can log on my frineds I wan't to play with can't. As much as I love zombies I won't be getting any DLC until it lets me play it when I want to.

      Have you tried to play using gameranger?
      If you want to play with friends without issues you should give it a try and it's free:

    Awesome. No chance of them raising the level cap, is there? I hit level 50 yesterday but don't want to stop :(

    Though every second hour I still seem to find a new, better gun, so that is good motivation to keep going :).

      Eventually I think they will raise the level cap, but not for a little while and not by much.

      The main drive of this game, as you mentioned is he guns. You keep playing to find something better.

      The problem with raising the level cap is they must raise all the attribute levels too, otherwise all the soldiers will be same, all the sirens will be the same etc, etc.

        Is there a level cap at 50? I thought it was just a lot harder to level up after 50.

    Can't wait. Borderlands has been a massive time sink and I have been loving it. Hopefully I can finish it in the days before this comes out.

    YES YES YES!!!!

    Hope this is large. Heaps of quests, no matter how small or short they are. But i want BETTER weapons!!!!

    This is going to be goooooooooood. And Zombies is understanding for a game such as Borderlands. Not so much for games like World at War. So in that case, keep the zombies coming if it means more Borderlands content.

    This is going to be awesome. Hopefully this is the first of lots of DLC and game additions. Level cap increase would be awesome. maybe a new class. who knows.

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