A "Real" Girlfriend Whose Nose You Can Poke

There are traditional selling points for erotic games. You know, things like boobs and boobs and also boobs. "Real Kanojo" ("Real Girlfriend") has boobs, sure, but it also has face poking and cheek squeezing.

This is innocent enough.

This just seems painful.

And cruel! Sadness.

The game also offers widespread, 3-D and even webcam face tracking. Check out the game's real time trailer, but note that it's probably NSFW. You've been warned.

イリュージョン『リアル彼女』プロモーション動画 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Wow thats more than what my gf would put up with, I better make the upgrade fast!

    That, I am sorry to say, is beyond pathetic and sad. You forfeit all hope of getting any real sex when you submit to this game.


    And here i was thinking Love+Plus was as weird as it could've got... Well whatever floats peoples boats, im not one to comment.

    I have to admit, I mush my girlfriends face pretty much like that. I can't see it being nearly as fun with an online girl. Especially one who is that docile, half the fun is annoying the hell out of her. And I challenge anyone to find a girl who likes her breasts treated like that....

    Only in Japan...

    So... It's basically Artificial Girl with face poking. Pfft.

    Does this support force feedback devices?

    I could do me with some face poking and odd breast handling techniques. NOW WITH ADDED SOFTNESS!

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