Activision Announces Sledgehammer Games, Led By Ex–Dead Space

Publisher Activision officially announced today the formation of Sledgehammer Games, the Foster City-based, Activision wholly-owned game development studio lead by ex-Visceral Games leaders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Yes, the folks responsible for last year's brilliant Dead Space.

The ex-Visceral duo, who recently jumped ship from EA to Activision, are reportedly working on an existing Activision franchise at their new Sledgehammer home. Activision will only officially say that Schofield, Condrey and crew are developing an "as-yet-unannounced new videogame".

EA, as you may recall, was officially not overly concerned about the loss of the ex-Visceral Games execs, who helped re-brand the studio formerly known as EA Redwood Shores.


    Of course EA aren't concerned; just a couple more guys they dont have to give the sack to.

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