Activision Exec: 'Expect' Additional, Paid Online Modes

Whoops. Kinda sorta missed this, another pearl of wisdom from this week's BMO Capital Markets forum. Activision's CFO told conferees that extracting more dough out of players, via charging for certain online play or features, is something we should expect.

Here's what Tom Tippl told the gathering:

It's definitely an aspiration that we see potential in, particularly as we look at different business models to monetize the online gameplay. There's good knowledge exchange happening between the Blizzard folks and our online guys.

We have great experience also on Call of Duty with the success we had on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. A lot of that knowledge is getting actually built into the Battle.Net platform and the design of that. I think it's been mutually beneficial, and you should expect us to test and ultimately launch additional online monetization models of some of some of our biggest franchises like Call of Duty.

And now that you're red-faced and rushing to the comments to say no way in hell would you ever pay for this, Tippl reminds:

Our gamers are telling us there's lots of services and innovation they would like to see that they're not getting yet. From what we see so far, additional content, as well as all the services Blizzard is offering, is that there is demand from the core gamers to pay up for that.

So, got that? He says practically demanding to pay up. So pay up!

Activision Hints at Call of Duty Online Plans IGN via VG247 and just about every one else.]


    I'd like to know just who these moron "gamers" are that are telling them all this shit.

    True online gamers are the pioneers of internet culture and, as such, love and live for open source, free content. The last thing we need is corporatization of online functionality. We're already putting up with and supporting xbox live by paying for yearly subscriptions and DLC... that's not an open ticket to try and suck our wallets dry. Executives at publishing houses think they're games designers - they should all be collected, and herded into a basement somewhere where they can keep their heads immersed in profit margins and complain about consumer losses together. We're not stupid and people are wising up to the fact that consumerism is a designed mechanic after the Great Depression... as if we don't have enough bills on top of already expensive entertainment. This Exec just wants the latest BMW in all colours - go birth your yacht from your helipad and go get monsooned on a pirate infested island.

      Man, that was awesome!
      It is true.

    This is stupid. We already pay for xbox live, I don't want other fees ontop to play games online when that's what the gold service is said to provide.

    So first they remove the dedicated servers from MW2 and then they want to charge us for their laggy gameplay..??!!

    Guess who won't be paying for any more Activision Proudcts.

    Way to kill off your customers! well done guys

    good luck with that acivi$ion. if they bring that in i can see the cod franchise dying a dismal death. i think as of next generation we can expect sony to jump on board with charging for online play aswell. so for a third party to think they could get away with it is just insane!

    Wow with both Blizzard and Infinity Ward under their belts Activision is getting really cocky. It'll be interesting to see how much they'll be able to get away with before the customers start turning away.

    It also shows their real reasoning for trying to move gamers away from dedicated servers. With no dedicated servers Activision gets to control who is and isn't allowed to play online and if they want to they can force you to pay for the service.

      That's most likely why they did it. I knew there was some secret profit-related reason behind it.

    Who sits these surveys. Seriously. Some of the crap that comes out of publishers arses is just a load of, well, crap!

    I see this failing epically! Its just like RE5 making you pay for the multiplayer feature when it was and should have been included right from the world go!


    Activision seems to be growing like a cancer these days. Blizzard should get rid of this parasite now before they start selling Units and Gears fortheir games.

    And this is why i'm waiting to pick up a 2nd hand copy of MW2, there's no way activi$ion are getting another cent from me.

    I am getting sick and tired of game companies leeching money from us. It's bad enough that we're paying full price for episodic content. It's just like fast food outlets making their burgers smaller to increase profits.

    I understand MMO subscriber content that Blizzard do, because I realise the amount of work that goes in to World of Warcraft.

    But when we start paying for content which should be included in the retail release it's absolutely ridiculous.

    I am honestly embarrassed that I pre-ordered the PC version Modern Warfare 2. I fully expected to be buying a PC game, not some cheap console port. As such I refuse to play it, and I will not be buying another Activision product.

    I still think Blizzard are the best in the business, and I will still support them in the hope they'll realise they're better off without Activision.

    I expect more from my games to be honest. Things like XBox Live Avatars and some DLC should be free. I think the video game industry should be putting more revenue back in to the games, as opposed to the pockets of board members.

    If profit from video games went back in to making downloadable content, thus making it free or highly subsidised, then I think this would go a long way to fixing the problem with piracy that they keep on harping on about.

    And another thing, why am I, as a law-abiding game-buying consumer being punished with less content for more cost because of the apparent loss in profits due to piracy?

    I have been looking for a reason to move past WoW to a greener pasture. Despite Cataclysm looking ever so delicious, I'll go for FF14 instead just to avoid having to deal with Activision.

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