Activision Files Trademark For 'Drum Hero' — Didn't This Happen Already?

I know, I know. I could have sworn "Drum Hero" was filed ages ago, with "Guitar Villain" and other sassy trademarks. But apparently, Activision got around to applying for the mark on Oct. 30.

The application's just been filed; it hasn't been assigned to an examiner yet. Standard trademark filing, covering "Drum Hero" for use in all video games.

Now, just because they filed a trademark doesn't mean this is a project in development. They could just be moving to protect the "Hero" franchise, pairing that word and its synonyms with all sorts of instruments just to be on the safe side. So be on the lookout for Sousaphone Hero, Gutbucket Paladin, and Banjo Myrmidon. Activision ‘Drumming' Up New Hero Game [PlayStation Lifestyle via Hot Blooded Gaming, thanks Troy A.]


    I'm still waiting for Wobbleboard Hero and Harmonnica Hero...

    Don't laugh, they released DJ Hero so it will only be a matter of time.

    Wobble-board Hero?

    Thank god they haven't filed 'Phil Collin's Drum Hero' ... yet

    I remember when I used to work at Playtime MANY moons ago and we had Drummania, Guitar Freaks and Keyboard Mania all linked up for 5-player session I would go around to my customers and tell them that "Violin Freaks" and "Cello Cello Revolution" were coming soon...

    I might trademark Violin Freaks come to think of it...

    1. Find existing and profitable idea.
    2. File patent.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

    Eh. I enjoyed the drums in World Tour, but honestly, GH5 has killed music games for me, Activition...

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