Aliens Vs Predator Multiplayer Trailer

You know, this is the first time I stopped thinking of this as "some game due next year" and "oh, another Aliens game", and started thinking "oh man, it's an AvP game made by Rebellion, that's so great".

I then started thinking "what are these people doing in an advertisement for an unreleased game?", but then got tired, and went and had a lie down instead.


    Predator Hunt sounds like my High School LAN clubs game mode, looks very faithful, predator should be able to take out everyone by himself if skilled enough, can't wait for this, looks like a must buy.

    I have a feeling Australia wont get this. Michael Atkinson... that ("merchant banker" - Ed.).

      my god. i only just thought about that.

      this censorship thing is getting me worried.

      KOTAKU writers, any thoughts on where to start in the way of doing something about this?

      Dunno about that. Seems pretty standard. Not based in any 'real' environment. It'll probably get a MA15+ instead of the R18+ the developers designed it for.

    From just this trailer, It looks REALLY good.

    yaye! a new game for our lans. wooohoo. good to see after the bitter disappointment that was mw2. At least borderlands is keeping us happy at the moment.

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