All Of EA's PC Games, 30% Off

Thanksgiving sale alert: EA's own online store will, until Monday, be selling every single PC game with a 30% discount.

That's every single game. Not just the crummy ones, or he old ones, or the crummy old ones, or the crummy new ones. All of them. So Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Sims 3, Need for Speed, FIFA 10, The Saboteur, the works.

Only catch? Looks like it only applies to the US store, so those in Europe or Australasia (I, for example, can't access the sale), you're shit out of luck.

EA Thanksgiving Sale [EA, via Big Download]


    Ok, so I just had a look at that online store... Dragon Age: Origins deluxe edition... $110. LOL. Yeah, not gonna bother looking at that site any further.

      Dragon age is on Steam Special for only $37 USD. Thats a bargain ANYWHERE!! (Its easily worth the $50USD I paid for it a week back)

    As usual, EA are screwing Australia. Woo.

    Waiting for EA to make moore of their games Steamed... i think it will help them alot more

    Good that C&C has started making its way there :D now we need bundles

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