An Old Friend Returns In New Mass Effect 2 Videos, Screens

Happy Thanksgiving, Mass Effect fans. Here's two new trailers and four new screenshots for the upcoming Mass Effect 2. And no, there's not a turkey in sight.

Half the stuff is dedicated to changes made to the game's "adept" class mode. The other half? To the return of Tali, a character so forgettable I forget she was even in the first game til I saw this trailer.


    I really liked Tali in the first one, but it was true, she totally was not given enough attention.

    Great graphics. These are bullshots, but are they meant to be PC or 360?

      I'd say theyre PC version screen shots by the look of the textures. But they've also down rez'd the screens and run them through photoshop.

    The adept class looks to be much better than it was in ME1

    I was also a Tali fan, i was in love with her accent and was dissapointed to find out that she never became a romantic option. She was heaps more likeable than that bitch Ashley, anyway.

    Also, i liked how you never got to see her under the mask, kept her very mysterious

    because that robot / helmed lady really needs a headscarf made of tracksuit pants over her helmet - lololololol

      what does she do when it rains?! and don't tell me it's not. i know tracksuit pants when i see them!

    I'm just hoping that skin-coloured stuff is part of her suit.

    I loved Ashely. I did want a 3rd relationship with Tali though.

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