Anybody Wanna Buy A Halo 3 Mongoose?

For sale: 1x Halo 3 Mongoose. One previous owner, excellent condition, four-wheel-drive, air conditioning, jungle camouflage. No battle damage, full service history. $US9000 ono.

The Mongoose is actually a modified Kawasaki ATV and was used rather publicly during the big Halo 3 launch event in New York City a few years back. Should still be in good shape if the seller's appraisal checks out, but Halo 3 purists please note: No mention is made of whether you can actually snuggle two adults together on the thing or not.

Mongoose @ Craigslist [via Joystiq]


    They should be embarrassed calling that a Mongoose & so should the idiot that buys it. You could make your own that looks better than that for a lot less money.

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