AO-Rated Manhunt 2 Is Available Next Week

AO-Rated Manhunt 2 Is Available Next Week

Manhunt 2, notoriously edited by Rockstar to not earn an Adults Only tag from the ESRB, will be released Nov. 6 in that AO form, on the PC. Direct2Drive will have the download, for $US29.95.

Manhunt 2, as an M-rated game on the PSP, PS2 and Wii, was very poorly received when it went out in 2007. While Rockstar hasn’t specified what’s going out in the super-duper adult version, it’s my hunch that “adult” here doesn’t mean what it means on pay-per-view. But there will be plenty of bodies.

AO-Rated Version of Manhunt 2 PC Coming Next Week via Download
[Big Download via Joystiq]


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