Are You Streaming Movies On Your Xbox 360 Today?

Are You Streaming Movies On Your Xbox 360 Today?

Microsoft today rolls out the Xbox Live dashboard update that brings – at long last – Movies On Demand to the Xbox 360 console in Australia. Have you checked it out yet?

Some of you will have had access to the dashboard preview for the past few weeks. And as with all beta tests, we understand if things are a little hit and miss. Personally, I was unable to stream in HD due to my useless connection, but HD downloads worked fine, as did SD streaming.

One concern out of the beta is the limited selection of movies available, with only around 100 titles – many quite old – to choose from. Speaking to Screen Play this morning, Xbox Live product manager Andrew Jenkins promises we’ll see a steady flow of new weekly releases.

“By the end of November you will see things like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Hangover, State of Play, and by the end of the year you’ll see Transformers 2, Star Trek, all these huge blockbuster titles are coming to our service… I’m excited that Harry Potter and The Hangover, those are things that we are getting day-and-date with DVD.”

But now that the service has launched to the general public, how does it perform? If you’ve tested it today, let us know your experience.

UPDATE: Looks like I jumped the gun a little. It’ll hit at 9pm AEDT tonight.


  • its pointless if it uses up your bandwidth in my opinion. till they sort out a deal with isp’s i wont be using the service.

    • hey ummm iinet has a deal that you get completely free unlimited download with your xbox. So it won’t cost you anything in bandwith to download 🙂

        • An iinet rep was quoted as saying (on the whirlpool forums) that “Movies on demand is currently not in the freezone DESPITE xbox live being a freezone area”.

          He mentioned how it’s difficult to “unmeter” the data that is already being sent to and from their servers, let alone High def streaming. They apparently have had 3 crashes by unmetering xbox live in the past year or so.

          They have their reasoning, but i also have mine, and i simply won’t use something that will eat my monthly quota for breakfast. I’m prepared to wait for their capabilities to be expanded

    • The iinet website says:

      “In partnership with Xbox, iiNet is now offering unmetered Xbox LIVE content (excludes all paid for content such as movies etc) on all iiNet broadband plans. This means you can download all the free game demos, trailers, arcade games and console updates without it affecting your monthly quota.”

          • Hmm, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this conversation before. Westnet offer unmetered Xbox downloads for everything, even paid-for content. I rang them to confirm and you even went so far as to say something like “Viva, Westnet!”.

          • Yeah, I remember that. But their description of their Freezone content on their website is (almost) identical to how iinet describe it. I remain sceptical.

          • Hey, I’m not mad here. Call them and they’ll tell you themselves. Unmetered Xbox Live downloads INCLUDING PAID-FOR CONTENT. I’ve had this confirmed to me multiple times and downloaded a veritable truckload of stuff that I’ve paid for without it affecting my quota. What, you think I’m just dancing in front of my Xbox blindly thinking my bandwith rules without checking this stuff out? I’m trying to spread the word of this awesome opportunity here.

      • If that’s true the service will fail. I’m with iinet and will consider paying for this service BUT only if it’s not part of my quota.

  • I was about to say Ive been waiting all day and it still hasnt come up.

    Do you know whether or not that movies will be added at the same time as its DVD release date or will it solely depend when M$ chooses to add them?

  • I wonder if Sony will refuse distribution rights for any SPE/MGM titles on the service as a way to boost the equivalent services on their console?

  • I have been using it a little in the beta phase, and I can confirm it still uses your quota on iinet. Having said that, SD streaming is gold. Went to try HD, but my internet speed varies from day to day, and that day it was having a hissy fit, so it wouldnt let me.

    Also, they asked us all to watch the same movie on the same night a couple of weekends ago, so streaming still works even when there is load on the system. I was a bit shocked to see the size of the HD download though.. 11.8 gig for harry potter and the goblet of fire, which is precisely 1.8gig more than my peak allowance gives me. which pretty much blows any chance I had of HD movies straight out of the water. As soon as it is quota free though, I am in. and it is on. like donkey kong.

  • Won’t be streaming or downloading expensive, stale movies that disappear in 14 days..

    ..I’ll just be lamenting the fact that Last.FM is missing from today’s update.

  • It’s basically a worthless update for Aussies. Do you really want to use Twitter and Facebook from your 360? Not me. And like everyone else says, the bandwidth usage negates the movie streaming. You might as well just torrent a movie that you can keep if your bandwidth is going to be used up getting it.

  • I will point out however that Major Nelson did suggest it would vary based on where you live, but then again this report was 9pm AEDT. Eitherway, we will get it when we get it!

  • Those of you waiting for an update, there isn’t one.

    Remember those couple of updates you got a while back? That was your facebook etc. It’s now just been enabled. So fire up your 360, scroll through your dash board and the features should now be there. Small downloads are still required for facebook and I’m assuming twitter too.

    • Las Vegas, NV, USA: I had the beta update on my Halo Edition 360 for the past few weeks and the biggest disappointment I had was with downloaded videos. It wasn’t organized at all. After downloading videos with Zune on 360, I couldn’t find one tab that had the latest downloads. And after I did find and watch the videos then delete them, they were still listed in the same tab as where I found them to play so I tried to delete again but I only had the option to download again. I prefer to just download movies & videos, go right to where they are, watch ’em & delete ’em. First they got rid of the blades and brought in avatars, now I have to get used to this. I was glad to see that when I got my Modern Warfare 2 console it didn’t have the update so I stopped using my Halo Edition. Unfortunately I haven’t played in a few days so I guess I’ll go see now, I replied to a survey on it and let them know, hopefully others had the same problem and they addressed the issue.

  • I have it. From what I’ve seen, movies can be ‘rented’ for 300 Microshaft points.

    Anyone have an idea as to how much bandwidth a movie would take out of my download quota for the month?

  • Not much of a Movie selection, with the exception of a few movies from the 70’s there’s not much I haven’t seen.

    I’m in Brisbane and with TPG and it seems I can stream… I don’t think I get free streaming but.

  • Yeah, but have you looked at the bandwith for a HD movie? 11GB (OK, if your connection is slow it will be less, so let’s call it 6GB). On my iiNet 25/45 plan – that means a streaming (i.e. peak time) movie is 1/4 of my cap ($69). Without going mental with the math, add the $7 rental and you can see teh whole movie download idea is SCREWED right now. OK.. my confession, I get the odd movie off BT.. and I checked my site, and a popular movie currently has a DVD rip at 640×352 (xVid) and 709Mb v.s. same off Blu-Ray at 1280×720 (H.264) and the DVD is snatched 864 times v.s. 6 times. So let the “evil” pirates give you a hint here… WE.CANT.AFFORD.6GB.MOVIES! Not Until we get cheap bandwidth! I love the idea! I’d love to stream my flicks! I’d love to pay a fair price ($2 Tuesday anyone?) … but I’m not paying $24.25 for a streaming movie (for those who weren’t watching $69 x 0.25 + $7).

  • The current content seems pretty sparse but at least the mechanism is there! 🙂

    I was kinda looking forward NetFlix and LastFM, but of course they’re nowhere to be seen…

    I know LastFM is not actually out yet for US accounts either, but at least they have the placeholder adverts. It really does look like OZ is gonna get forgotten again 🙁

  • I have a feeling that oz might be seeing or something similar maybe early next year.The US has had streaming movies with nexflix way before we did.Oz didnt get netflix because it isnt avalible to all regons,Im hoping that the same thing has happened with only a matter of time before we get free streaming music.

    btw, can anybody plz tell me how the quality of the SD streaming is? i have the theroy that HD should be blueray quality and the SD should be DVD,If this is true wouldnt it be better and cheaper just to stream in SD,so its not HD who cares it still beats goin to the video store.

    • No it streams perfectly, starts out lookin youtube quality at the start then it scales up to 1080p it looks brillant. the only problem ihs the massive size of the movies, will prob leave ppl in debt to their isp’s. They need to find a way to compress the movies to at least half the size, without losing picture quality.

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