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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.

Note: I'll be out of the office all afternoon playing a game due for release on January 7. So if I don't get to your question this morning, I'll respond tomorrow.


    1. What's this about Heavy Rain passing cert at MA15+? Is that done and dusted already? If so, sweet.

    2. Just how excited are you about the news post that's just popped up below this one? On a scale of Isosceles Triangle, Spider Monkey and Cinnamon Biscuit. (Biscuit being the highest, of course).

      Heavy Rain has been classified as MA 15+!OpenDocument

      Wonder if Mr. Atkinson will use this game as his next scape goat after he fails with Modern Warfare 2

        I think you can count on it due to the sexual content which to my knowledge is a part of the main plot's narrative.


        I find it weird that one the things the board have pointed out is that the game contains 'themes'. Not 'adult themes' just 'themes'.

        Bit weird.

          Themes are serious business

            Atkinson is going to try to get Windows banned next, thanks to it's heavy use of themes.

              I actually laughed out loud at that.. haha

          Batman Begins has "Mild Themes".

          I've readed the guidelines multiple times and I still don't know what that means!

          BTW, "Themes" is officially defined in the guidelines as: "Social issues such as crime, suicide, drug and alcohol dependency, death, serious illness, family breakdown and racism." (refer:$file/FCGGuidelines2005.pdf)

          How that can be applied on a scale of "mild" through to "very strong" does not make any sense whatsoever and is completely useless in helping people decide if the content is something they would want to view.

      1. Also, Sony confirmed to me that the version of Heavy Rain that will be released here is the same as the rest of the world. It was not edited in any way to earn an MA15+ rating.

      2. My excitement knows no bounds.

        1. Cool thanks.

        2. Thought you might be. Even though I still believe Ubisoft is making a major error not setting FC3 in space. Fools. I mean, think about it - the open-world do-any-mission gameplay of FC2 combined with the space combat of X-Wing/Tie Fighter. Add to that, a whole bunch of weird space factions battling for control of small moons etc. What you have there is a recipe to sell a groundbreaking holiday title by the millions. Seriously, Ubisoft better not come crying to me when they go bankrupt for lack of insight.

    Is Bayonetta really that good to get perfect scores from both Edge & Famitsu?

    Does it re-define the genre like the original DMC did way back when!

      I haven't played the Japanese version those magazines have reviewed, so I can't yet comment. But a preview build of the international version just arrived on my desk, so I'll be playing that this week.

        I was expecting the reply tomorrow, as you are playing what I assumed would be the game the rest of the afternoon...

        If that isn't the game, what else comes out on Jan 7th?


    Just a follow up to last weeks question regarding Zombie Apocalypse on the PSN. Any news from Konami?

      Not yet. I followed up with them yesterday and they're still trying to find out. It's tricky because I have to speak to Namco Bandai, who distribute Konami games here, and they have to find out from Konami Europe.

    Only having access to a 360 can you recommend Dragon Age Origins or should I wait the 6 months until I purchase a new PC and therefore have access to better control methods?

      The PC version is certainly superior in terms of its interface. When I spent some time with the PS3 version recently, I had no concerns with the interface, although I'm aware plenty of other people have reported it gets quite cumbersome to manage a larger party in the later game.

      The PC version also looks much better. The consoles versions have noticeable framerate problems and some very lo-res character and environmental textures.

      So yes, if you can play it on PC, do so.

    Hi Dave,

    Just me to whinge about Aus 360 owners getting shafted...

    Do you have any idea when/if 1vs100 is coming to 360 in Aus? Half of my US friends are playing it online and I get depressed... I end up playing flash game variations whilst drinking copious amounts of beer.

    Also... Did you end up finding out if was coming to Australian 360's? I remember you asked Microsoft for comment awhile back. Did they give a reason?


      Drinking all that beer must be hard :P

      I doubt we'll ever see the light and day of 1vs100... sigh

      Microsoft says 1 vs 100 is still in its beta phase, and as such has only become available in North America and the UK. I know Xbox Australia wants to join that beta test, but unfortunately it's not their call to make. No, I've yet to receive a real explanation as to why we've missed out. I've been given a corporate-speak non-answer though, maybe I'll post that tomorrow...

        Yeah I knew that they were doing a staggered release of 1 vs 100 starting with Canada and then the US.. but if we missed out on one for no reason, then its possible that we could miss out on the 1 vs 100 for again... no reason at all...

        It would be good to hear a propper answer... is available in Australia via Browsers... I just don't see how its not available on 360... Hence my post a few weeks ago about how it seems that we are getting shafted...

      Don't you have to pay for Last.FM in Australia now? I read they were moving to payment model outside of the US, EU and Canada...

    Please, ultra ultra please, get an interview or at least some info from Big Ant on the AFL game, to say I'm excited for it would be a gross understatement and details are dreadfully lacking.


        Just made my day.

    Has the Saboteur passed classification yet, and is it still on track for release next month?

    Also, does EA have anything in place for bug fixes now that the developers have been shown the door?

      Yes, its passed.

      Considering its from EA I wouldn't hold your breath on any patches or updates unless its massively game breaking.

    What do you look like?

      OOO!!! allow me David, i know that one!

      David Wildgoose (or 'The formless one' as he is known by the ancient Aztecs) does not have a physical being per se.
      He, instead, is a ethereal entity trapped between our world and the digital realm.
      While it would be possible to "see" David, what you would see would be little more than a thin mist in our world or a complex series of 0's, 1's and possibly some form of soft core porngraphy.

      It is also widely believed (by scholars, of course)that if you turn off the light and put your face to a mirror at midnight and say the words "Wildgoose is coming" three times in a row, he will appear to you in an unspeakable form and give you copies of whatever "Imagine" game is most recent driving the receiver into a form of madness that replaces gaming with Barbie dolls and an urge to watch Saddle Club.

        Wait, you didn't actually answer the question..

    when can we expect a review of the Borderlands DLC?

    Was it just me or was the whole sex scenario a bit undercooked/unnecessary in Mass Effect. Maybe it was just the order in which I choose the play the missions, but the whole scenario seemed like a bit of a comic book nerds fantasy, rather than anything approaching the great plot and characterisation of the rest of the game.

      No you're right about that... however it was just you that stopped and thought about it.

    How come you haven't posted anything on this - (,queensland-takes-on-atkinson.aspx ) yet?

      Dude, sweet. I'm gonna sign the hell out of this petition.

      Maybe because its an online petition, and most online petitions amount to... well, not a lot?

        Actually if you look through the past petitions a lot have been responded to in parliament. Whilst that probably won't result in anything, it would give further ammunition for media coverage.

    Just how annoyed should I be that my ISP Westnet have suddenly, without warning, added this little bracket-enclosed sentence to their previously awesome Freezone section on their website?

    "Enter the ultimate social entertainment experience as you create your own avatar, download game demos, trailers, arcade games and console updates without it affecting your monthly quota (excludes Facebook, Twitter, and Zune video)."


    Regarding the whole R18+ debate, what would happen if the classification system update was to be mandated by government legislation via parliament? Is that possible?

    If it's a state vs federal thing, could specific states implement an 18+ rating themselves?

    I'm just wondering if there's any way around the whole issue, since it's fairly clear that as long as or South Australian friend is in power, we're certainly not going to get the changes via the 'correct' channels...

    Do you know anything about the Borderlands DLC still not being available on the Australian PSN? It seems to be available on the US PSN?

    You've seen both sides of the journalism/media fence, online and print. Which do you think is more rewarding?

    Also IMO There is a stigma that online media are somewhat 'lesser' then print guys - have you been witness to this yourself?

    Have you heard anything about this?
    It's pretty sad this is my second most anticipated game of 2010.

    Where's the best deal on PlayTV, considering I already own a PS3?

    trick your microsoft friends into letting you know how many 360's got banned ...

    Oops did I say friends, I meant scumbags.

    Hi David,

    Any word on when we'll see another Ace Combat game?

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