Assassin's Creed II Outfits For Your 360 Avatar

Some Assassin's Creed II items have turned up on the Xbox 360's Avatar Marketplace, with both game-related clothing and avatar cosplay on offer.

The t-shirts and hoodies are predictably bland, but for our more cash-rich readers the in-game outfits may be too tempting to pass up. There's an Ezio outfit, an Altair outfit (both for 400MSP) and even a Da Vinci hang-glider there for you to just... stick at your feet.

There's also some DJ Hero stuff available, but... yeah.

[Assassin's Creed Marketplace]


    those game out fits should be game achivement unlocks or much cheaper i mean i spen 50 point to get the giant cotton swab because i had 75 point after buying DLC i would never actually pay just to get that stuff

      oh no theres a gameplay leak on youtube ... whats the world coming to when its faster to steal a game that to do the right thing and payfor it

    They are a bit ridiculous, over-priced and useless. But some of them are hilarious. As much as people say Halo is being milked (i don't see it). Halo Waypoint a FREE download, rewards you with Avatar outfits for doing just about nothing.

    But these outfits are actually cool. Something i would actually use my MS points for. Dressing like an Assassin = pure awesomeness.

    But i won't.

      Here here!

      While these AC2 costumes are probably the best looking costumes in the marketplace (what's up with every costume being unisex anyway?), there really isn't a need to spend 400 points on something.

      This would make much more sense as a pre-order bonus.

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