AU Diary: Get Some Gay Tony

I have a download code here for the Ballad of Gay Tony, the second Liberty City episode for GTA IV. If you'd like to win it, read on.

It's for the Xbox 360, obviously. And because it's for the download version, you'll need your original GTA IV disc to play it. Oh, and have your console connected to the internet!

Xbox 360 download codes are 25 characters long, divided into five sets. I'll be posting the five sets separately on my Twitter over the weekend. First person to collect all five and enter them into Marketplace will redeem the code. Direct message me if that's you!


    hmph. ps3 gta iv ... poor.

    PC Version here

    Yay! Think I won Gay Tony. How on earth do I 'direct message'? Through twitter? Bah, I'm such a noob. *facepalm*

    Aaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh i had all 5 parts of the code, turn on my 360 to redeem and what pops up? A mandatory update. Oh well.

    Nice work Iroquois ;)

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