Australia Gets New Xbox 360 Bundle

Australia Gets New Xbox 360 Bundle

xbox 360 pure batman bundleMicrosoft have let us know that there’s a new official bundle hitting retail right now. They’re packing in copies of Pure and LEGO Batman with the Xbox 360 Elite, just in time for Christmas.

The new bundle comes shortly after the previous deal – where you scored a complimentary copy of Halo 3: ODST – expires. The RRP is $449, but there are plenty of variations if you shop around.

At EB Games, for example, you can also get Forza 3 and Quantum of Solace for $447, while JB Hi-Fi throws in Assassin’s Creed for $437. What other Elite bundle deals have you spotted?


  • I picked up a 360 Elite + Forza for $399 at Big W yesterday, traded in Forza with an Edge card at EB for $71. Not bad for a 360 replacement :/

  • GAME have this bundle plus Forza, plus another two games from a select few (one being Quantum of Solace).

    So you get the Elite, plus 5 games in total, for $449. There’s also the same bundle with an HDMI cable and extended warranty for $499. Much better deal I think!

  • Gametraders is offering Forza and Borderlands on top of the bundle for $447, probably the best one I’ve spotted.

  • I just bought this bundle a few days ago after my old 360 died for the 2nd time last week. This may have been a mistake on their part, but Big W had it for $398, plus there are signs in every store I visited advertising a free copy of Forza 3 with every 360 SKU. I’ve also got a 5% employee discount, so I managed to get this bundle, plus Forza 3 for $378. Not a bad deal at all methinks

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